The 6 best email marketing apps

Mailchimp may be ubiquitous, well known, and easy to use, but it’s just one of many email marketing services out there.

Let’s take a look at the options to see which one best suits your business’s needs.


As mentioned, Mailchimp is the standard tool for email marketing. But it doesn’t just rely on its reputation to hold its spot at the top. The company has continued to innovate and improve over the years.

Mailchimp now offers forms, behavioral targeting, landing pages, and much more. And of course, its email service is still one of the best.

Mailchimp offers many features and up to 500 contacts with its free plan. The least expensive paid tier offers more features and costs about $13 per 500 contacts.

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2. Brevo (formerly known as Sendinblue)

Brevo (formerly known as Sendinblue) is an email marketing solution that bills itself as a complete marketing tool. And it does provide a great way to capture leads and communicate with your audience. It also focuses on larger businesses.

Brevo stands out by offering marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), chat, and more.

Brevo gives you unlimited contacts and lets you send 300 emails per day for free. Its base paid tier lets you send 20,000 emails for $25 per month.

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3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact will help you build a web presence as well as do email marketing. Its website builder has marketing tools baked in so that potential customers can find you.

One of its top selling points is that it gives you a lot of resources — not just about how to use the product, but also how to market your small business.

Constant Contact doesn’t have a free plan, only a free trial. Its lowest tier costs $12 per month.

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The name MailerLite may be a bit misleading, as the company offers a solid selection of marketing tools designed to keep you in touch with your community.

The tool is called Lite because its philosophy is to make things as uncluttered and simple as possible. The free plan gives you up to 12,000 monthly emails and one user.

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Sender offers the usual set of tools you’d expect from a full-featured email marketing service. It stands out by offering very sophisticated automation tools.

Sender also offers competitive pricing. In fact, that may be the biggest way that it stands out. The free plan lets you send up to 15,000 emails per month to up to 2,500 subscribers. The lowest-price paid plan, which starts at $15.83 per month, provides additional features, and allows you to send up to 30K emails per month.

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HubSpot is a massive suite of powerful marketing tools. If you want a true, all-in-one customer management solution for your large business, HubSpot is an excellent choice.

But it has some great options for small businesses as well, including a large selection of free tools. Email marketing is one of the tools offered under HubSpot’s marketing package.

The lowest marketing package tier costs $792 per month, when paid yearly and includes forms, landing pages, and chat, as well as email. All of that’s available for free too. The paid plans give you custom branding and support to help you learn. Higher tiers get much more expensive but offer incredibly powerful business marketing tools.

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