MailChimp Is A Great Tool To Send Email Newsletters

One of the common problems JotForm users encounter is to send newsletter emails to people who previously filled their forms. There are really great tools to send emails, and one of them is MailChimp.
Mailchimp is a great tool to send beautiful newsletters or announcements to your web site users and customers. So, instead of implementing a newsletter feature ourselves, we decided to integrate with them.
So, how can you start using MailChimp integration? Easy! Simply click on the new Integrations button we added to the Setup & Embed toolbar.
Then follow the wizard steps.

One of the great things about our MailChimp integration is that it can add your existing data to your newsletter list. So, in minutes you will be ready to send newsletters to your visitors.

Set Mailchimp up, i to send the information directly to a Opt-in mail

Allow the user to decide if she wants to be added to the Opt-in list by using a Send If Choice is checked , so this will work  if a check box into the form is ticked


MailChimp is free up to 2,000 subscribers. So, even if you don’t have an existing account, you should give them a try. Send your users a newsletter and remind them about your web site.
Happy Newsletter Sending Day!
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