6 Book Like A Boss alternatives for easier scheduling in 2024

If you ranked your most tedious, time-consuming workplace tasks, how high would you place “scheduling meetings” or “booking client appointments”? They’d probably be pretty high, especially considering how difficult it is to coordinate dates, times, and locations that work for multiple clients, each using specific scheduling services.

When it comes to internal meetings with colleagues, if attendees aren’t in the same office building or department — e.g., scattered across an office park, working from home, or even out of the country at a conference — you have to make multiple calls or send numerous texts or emails to get everyone in sync.

Luckily, online scheduling apps like Book Like A Boss can help you

  • Book meetings, services, and locations in a centralized platform
  • Build a polished, on-brand scheduling page that clearly displays all your services
  • Manage your customers and employees, thanks to user-friendly dashboards
  • Reduce the number of no-shows by sending customizable appointment reminders
  • Get paid easily, conveniently, and, most importantly, on time with third-party payment integrations

But as impressive as Book Like A Boss is, it’s not only the online scheduling tool you can choose to streamline your scheduling process and client management. Here are six of the best Book Like A Boss alternatives on the market.

1. FlexBooker

Image of FlexBooker Tool

First on the list of Book Like A Boss alternatives is FlexBooker, the online appointment scheduling tool that accepts bookings from your own website. FlexBooker is fully customizable, works on any device, and syncs to your calendar, thanks to integrations with tools like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

The best part is that this impressive system includes robust automation features for easy, streamlined communication and scheduling — like automatic email and text message reminders so customers don’t forget an appointment and an automated waitlist customers can place themselves on.

2. Calendly

Image of Calendly Platform

Whether you’re scheduling an internal one-on-one meeting, a vendor lunch, or anything in between, scheduling platform Calendly streamlines the entire process for you, eliminating the need to play phone and email tag.

Calendly is simple and easy to navigate on desktops, phones, and tablets, helping users schedule meetings anytime and anywhere. Calendly automates reminders and follow-ups, ensures privacy and security, and even allows meeting invitees to vote on preferred times before confirming a date.

Plus, thanks to its routing forms feature, sales reps can prioritize customer scheduling. For example, landing page visitors answer screening questions, and then, depending on their answers, they get automatically directed to a scheduling page with the appropriate contact.

3. Bookafy

Image of Bookafy Platform

With scheduling solution Bookafy, you can customize and streamline the entire booking experience for customers and employees alike. Features include pre-meeting reminders; integrations with Zoom, Microsoft Outlook, and Mailchimp; client payment authorization and acceptance; and the ability to set up minimum lead time before a meeting can be scheduled as well as extra buffer time for each appointment.

What’s more, the ways to schedule meetings with Bookafy are seemingly endless — your staff and clients can book through social media profiles, email, your company website, and even a mini website for scheduling that’s included with your Bookafy account.

4. BookSteam

Image of BookSteam Platform

As you look for Book Like A Boss alternatives, be sure to check out appointment scheduling application BookSteam, which allows users to gain clients, automate appointments, and extend the reach of their business — all from one dynamic platform. Best for small and medium-sized businesses, BookSteam’s features include automated appointment reminders and confirmations, customer profile storage and management, calendar synchronization, online payment processing, and invoice tracking.

BookSteam helps businesses in various industries — like dance studios, hair salons, and day care centers — streamline their booking systems.

5. Acuity Scheduling

Image of Acuity Scheduling Software

From managing multiple locations and employees to sending automated reminders and adjusting for different time zones, appointment scheduling software Acuity Scheduling helps users feel like they have a personal assistant. It shares and syncs your calendars, accepts online payments (thanks to integrations with Square, Stripe, and PayPal), and includes a customizable scheduling page to match your brand aesthetic. And for added convenience, customers can do more than just book appointments with Acuity Scheduling — you can allow them to purchase packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions.

6. Jotform

Jotform stands out among other Book Like A Boss alternatives by enabling users to create appointment booking forms that also have other functionalities, like accepting payments. Jotform is intuitive, easy to navigate, and completely code-free, making you feel like a professional programmer, no matter how much coding experience you have.

With more than 200 appointment form templates to choose from, you’ll be able to fully customize a ready-made template (or create a new form from scratch) that allows your clients to book appointments straight from your website. Once your client completes and submits your form, all the meeting details will be stored in your Jotform account and sent to the associated email address for quick, convenient appointment booking. You can even integrate your appointment forms to Google Calendar for seamless event creation.

As you can see, there are more than a few Book Like A Boss alternatives to help streamline your booking process and free up more of your busy work day. But you know your business best and can decide which will work for you. The right booking tool is the one most capable of helping you do more of what you want, like grow your business.

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