5 vcita alternatives to help manage your business

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You have to create compelling marketing campaigns; manage finances, employees, inventory, and vendors; remain compliant with regulations; and strategize a growth plan — usually with less money and fewer resources than most of your competitors.

But instead of hiring more personnel to handle all of these important tasks — or burning yourself out trying to juggle them on your own — it’s best to invest in a business management tool like vcita.

With vcita, you can streamline your business processes — including lead capturing, online scheduling, payment processing, client management, and marketing automation — from one centralized platform. Not only does vcita make your work days easier, but it also makes them more productive, freeing you up to engage with the people responsible for keeping your doors open — your customers. The platform is comprehensive, customizable, easy to navigate, and jam-packed with all the features and integrations you need to take your business to the next level.

As remarkable as vcita is, though, there are plenty of other business management apps and online scheduling tools that can help optimize your company’s operations. Here are five vcita alternatives to consider.


First on this list of vcita alternatives is business management software Thryv, which prides itself on putting customers at the center of your organization. Thryv can help build your online presence across Facebook, Google, Yelp, and 40-plus other business listing sites. It can nurture existing customer relationships and generate new leads with a dedicated client portal and manage your daily schedule with calendar syncing, client booking, and appointment reminders.

The platform can also build and send vendor quotes, track invoices, and set up automated installment plans. Thryv can even integrate with powerful third-party platforms like customer relationship management (CRM) systems, email marketing services, and business accounting software to drive your business forward.



With more than 20 years of experience, CRM and scheduling platform Keap knows a thing or two about converting high-quality leads into valued customers. With Keap, you can automate the entire lead conversion process — including collecting customer data with branded lead forms and landing pages and automatically texting or emailing potential customers as soon as they complete one of your online forms.

You can also book more appointments and reduce customer no-shows with Keap’s calendar syncing, appointment dashboard, powerful integrations (including client engagement software AppointmentCore and OnceHub), and automated appointment reminders. Keap is dynamic, user-friendly, and includes more than enough features — like lead management and payment processing — to grow and scale your business.



Best for small to midsize businesses, CRM solution Insightly recognizes the importance of the customer experience throughout the buying journey — not just the top or bottom of the sales funnel. Insightly helps businesses build strong team alignment (both within and among departments) with 24-7 access to real-time data dashboards and custom, code-free apps and workflow processes.

The platform prioritizes marketing automation through prebuilt online form and email templates; drag-and-drop functionality; and shareable, measurable ad campaign dashboards and reports. Most importantly, Insightly reinforces a stellar customer service experience by allowing you to scan and analyze customer support ticket times, keywords, and phrases to see if and how you’re meeting your customers’ needs.



More than 140,000 professionals — including individuals who work at powerhouse companies like GoDaddy, Upwork, and CrossFit — trust CRM system Nimble because it’s focused on seeing businesses flourish. With Nimble, you can manage your client relationships by combining all your customer contacts, data, communications, and appointments in one place.

You can segment your customers and prioritize which of them you’d like to send personalized emails to and follow up with at a given moment. You can convert leads faster, thanks to built-in sales intelligence tools like email tracking (i.e., email opens and clicks), pipeline management, deal forecasting, and actionable analytics. You can even manage your team with Nimble’s activity tracking dashboard — to stay on top of their calls, tasks, and calendars and ensure everyone is on the same page.



Last but not least on this list of vcita alternatives is online form builder Jotform, which helps businesses build customizable forms, apps, workflows, and reports to guide customers throughout the entire sales process.

Fully equipped with 10,000-plus form templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and easy-to-use design tools, Jotform can help you onboard clients or employees, process order and intake forms, accept payments, track invoices, schedule appointments, and collect valuable client feedback. Jotform is robust, intuitive, and completely code-free, helping you optimize your business processes no matter your industry — or coding expertise.

When it comes to owning a small business, you have to manage a lot of moving parts. Just when you feel you’ve mastered one task or department, another issue crops up that needs your attention. Fortunately, software like vcita — or any of these five vcita alternatives — can help get your business organized, reduce some of your stress, and, ultimately, make your business more productive and profitable.

This article is originally published on Aug 31, 2022, and updated on Nov 03, 2022.

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