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When you manage or own a business, you have a lot on your plate. You have to hire the right people and keep them motivated, and you have to be active and engaging on social media platforms to boost brand awareness. You also have to prioritize your current customers so they feel valued and appreciated so they’ll stay loyal to your brand and share your product or service with others.

Fortunately, there’s one easy way to keep you, your customers, and your employees happy while juggling all these tasks: using an online scheduling app. And while there are many to choose from, we’re comparing two of the most popular: Book Like A Boss vs Calendly.

Book Like A Boss vs Calendly: Overview

Web-based scheduling app Book Like A Boss helps you schedule and manage your client bookings like a boss — whether you’re a budding solopreneur or running a thriving enterprise. With Book Like A Boss, you can list your services clearly on polished and fully customizable booking pages, accept payments quickly and effortlessly with payment processor integrations, and synchronize calendars for a more streamlined scheduling process. And you don’t need a copywriter, designer, or user experience (UX) expert to do it — Book Like A Boss offers all the tools you need in a single, robust platform.

Online platform Calendly, on the other hand, is your go-to tool if you need more organized meeting and appointment scheduling. It offers scheduling for one-on-one meetings or group settings like webinars and training sessions, and you can even set up co-hosted events between team members.

Pro Tip

With Jotform’s Calendly widget you can schedule meetings directly in your forms.

Just select your availability preferences, share your scheduling link with your attendee(s) on your website or via email, and allow them to pick a date and time from your proffered options — Calendly will then add the meeting to your synced calendar. The platform is painless to set up and easy to navigate.

There’s one notable distinction between these apps: While both Book Like A Boss and Calendly let you book appointments for clients and employees, they each emphasize scheduling for just one of those groups. Book Like A Boss is designed, more than anything, to streamline the scheduling process for your clients, while Calendly is designed to do the same for your team.

Book Like A Boss vs Calendly: Features

Here’s what you can do with Book Like A Boss:

  • Build booking pages that showcase your full value — easily add social media links, an “About Me” section, client testimonials, and colors and fonts to match your brand aesthetic.
  • Prevent overbooking with schedule synchronization between your personal and professional calendars.
  • Avoid no-shows with email and SMS reminders as well as cancellation and rescheduling options that clients can handle themselves.
  • Boost customer loyalty by offering coupon codes and convenient payment options.
  • Manage your time and team on a user-friendly dashboard — assign admin privileges, set time zones, and choose the default currency for payments.

And here’s what you can do with Calendly:

  • Fully customize your schedule, whether by setting meeting caps, adding buffer times before and after meetings, or polling attendees for their availability.
  • Request information from website visitors and prospective meeting attendees before setting a meeting date and time. Based on their responses, they’ll be automatically routed to the appropriate contact or web page.
  • Minimize no-shows and cancellations by automating meeting reminders and follow-ups.
  • Embed your appointment pages on your website for easy, one-click scheduling for employees and customers alike.

Book Like A Boss vs Calendly: Pricing

When it comes to Book Like A Boss pricing, there are two categories of plans — Freelancer packages for one-person businesses and Teams packages for teams ranging in size from three to 99 people. If you have 100 or more people on your team, you just have to give them a call for a custom quote.

Both types of plans offer a wide range of costs — $8.33 to $25 per month for four types of Freelancer plans and $35 to $990 per month for the many Teams plans they offer — so it’s best to reach out to a representative if you have specific pricing questions. They can help you customize a plan to meet your team’s and customers’ needs.

Calendly’s plan options are a lot less complicated by comparison. They offer four plans: Basic (free), Standard ($10 per seat per month), Teams (their most popular plan at $16 per seat per month), and Enterprise (ideal for a company with 30-plus team members and advanced security, control, and support needs, starting at $15k). The higher the tier, the more access you gain to more powerful scheduling automations, customizations, and integrations.

While both Book Like A Boss and Calendly include dynamic features and meaningful customizations at an affordable price, they each have their limitations. Here’s a look at an alternative scheduling platform: online form builder Jotform.

A Book Like A Boss and Calendly alternative: Jotform

Jotform lets you build customizable appointment forms, accept client payments, and schedule appointments with employees and clients. It’s an intuitive, fully customizable, easy to navigate, and completely code-free tool, helping you create stunning appointment forms regardless of your programming experience.

To book appointments with Jotform, here’s all you have to do:

  1. Choose one of Jotform’s 220-plus premade appointment form templates (or build a new form from scratch).
  2. Customize it with fun widgets, colors, and fonts to match your brand.
  3. Embed it on your website or add a link to it on your social media platforms for easy, convenient customer access.

Then, once clients complete and submit your appointment form, you’ll receive a notification with meeting details — including time, date, and duration — which you can add to your calendar. (Pro tip: If you use Google Calendar, you can connect your form’s appointment field to Jotform’s Google Calendar integration to automatically create the new events in your calendar once your clients submit their information.)

With the right appointment scheduling tool, you can save time and money as well as improve productivity. No more playing phone or email tag trying to schedule meetings. Most importantly, you can boost profitability — after all, the more people you see, the more money you make.

So, whether you decide Book Like A Boss, Calendly, or Jotform is the scheduling app for you, you’ll be sure to meet your business needs.

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