How BPI enhances employee performance

Business process improvement (BPI) is the end result of business process management (BPM). There are many methodologies available for streamlining business processes to improve workflow, quality control, customer satisfaction, and more. Check out the business process management tools we discussed in our BPM guide for more information.

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One key benefit of improved business processes is better employee performance. Depending on the tools and methodologies you adopt, you may see a number of different types of performance improvement from your staff, including

  • Innovation. Business process methodologies are designed to improve workflows and teamwork. When employees have a sense that they’re part of a supportive team that’s working toward a worthwhile purpose, and feel that their goals are sensible, achievable, and consistent, they tend to be more active and creative. You might be surprised what part of your factory or office your next great idea comes from.
  • Quality control. When business processes work well, employees make fewer mistakes, complete work more consistently, and don’t duplicate each other’s efforts.
  • Engagement. A 2017 Gallup poll found that 70 percent of U.S. workers weren’t engaged at work. Making business processes more efficient frees up more of employees’ time to work on valuable, human-centered tasks that are inherently more satisfying. This makes employees more productive, both because of what they’re doing and because of the attitude they bring to those tasks. Workers who feel connected to and invested in their jobs are happier and more productive.
  • Loyalty. Happier employees mean more dedication and less turnover, leading to productivity gains and reduced costs.
  • Customer satisfaction. When employees can focus on customers instead of menial and repetitive tasks, they’re bound to provide better customer service and support, a key driver of repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

Improving your processes boosts productivity, which lines up capital and resources in the most efficient way possible. But the biggest benefit of business process improvement is productive, engaged, and proactive employees.

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