11 Laserfiche alternatives to achieve maximum productivity for 2024

11 Laserfiche alternatives to achieve maximum productivity for 2024

When it comes to business process management (BPM) software, there’s a lot to like with Laserfiche. You can streamline workflows and create reports to measure success and employee workloads with Laserfiche. You can also convert your paper files into digital formats to create a centralized system for storage and analysis.

But there are some limitations to the software, which is why business professionals often find themselves seeking Laserfiche alternatives. It’s worth exploring what else is out there to find a tool that best fits your business and its needs.

1. Jotform Enterprise

Jotform Enterprise should be top of mind when you’re considering Laserfiche alternatives. It boasts more than 400 special apps and integrations. You can build custom apps and secure your data with Jotform’s top-notch security measures. Plus, any forms you create elsewhere are easy to import to Jotform Enterprise, and there are no limits on the number of forms you can have. Organizations ranging from healthcare practices to colleges and universities have taken advantage of Jotform Enterprise.

2. Xerox DocuShare

Xerox’s DocuShare software is all about automation. It’s built to simplify your processes; its different internal systems can link to applications and documents with a single click. You can access it on smartphones and tablets. The Application Connector allows you to access documents and other files in third-party apps like customer management and internal enterprise resource management (ERP) systems. Plus, you can encourage team collaboration with easy task assigning and approvals to make sure all of your team members are on the same page.

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Xerox Docushare Home

3. Box

Box is all about putting the power in your hands. It enables you to control who in your organization has permission to access and share files. Box makes it easy to set up automated workflows, ensuring that the collaboration process for each of your departments goes off without a hitch. Box’s goal is to make it simple for anyone in your company to access information from anywhere, making it a worthwhile Laserfiche alternative for your business.

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Box Approval Flow

4. DocuWare

If you need a variety of different business functions, DocuWare is the place to go. You can use it to process invoices, archive documents, and manage employees. DocuWare aims to reduce your reliance on paper files and to provide secure information and file storage. With more than 650 partners, DocuWare is great for small and large businesses alike.

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DocuWare Home

5. DocuSign CLM

CLM stands for Contract Lifecycle Management, which is a pretty succinct way of describing why DocuSign CLM is a good Laserfiche alternative. If your business is contract-heavy, DocuSign CLM automates the contract process, aligning workflows and eliminating errors. What’s more, the contract design process is in your hands, as DocuSign CLM guides you in creating your workflow processes and contract organization methods.

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DocuSign CLM WorkFlow

6. BP Logix

If you work in higher education or a regulatory industry, BP Logix is the platform for you. BP Logix’s low-code, drag-and-drop interface is easy to use and has application functionality built to meet your required compliance levels. You can connect to outside data software like Salesforce or Sharepoint and track all tasks within your workflow. Plus, BP Logix’s Process Director integrates AI technology for smart learning to guide analysis and predictions for the tasks you need to complete.

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BP Logix Process Director

7. M-Files

M-Files prioritizes the ability to find data based on its content versus where it’s stored. You can access data in context automatically, regardless of where it was created, and you don’t have to worry about doing any data migration. Even better, you can access information offline and share one master document for easy collaboration on the cloud and in your office, keeping everyone in your company updated.

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M-Files User Interface

8. Hyland

The main goal of the Hyland workflow management system is to ensure your information gets to the people who need it. Its machine learning adapts as you integrate applications and data onto the platform. You can level up your processes with case management and process automation as well as store information in Hyland’s cloud software. Hyland wants to help you better anticipate your customers’ needs, and with its secure information storage, you can stick to that goal without having to worry about organization.

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Hyland Workflow

9. AODocs

If you’re looking for a workflow processor that values security without limiting collaboration, try AODocs. Say you work in a heavily regulated business and need to make sure you’re always up to code. AODocs makes sure that you’re always compliant no matter what you’re working on. Its user-friendly content management system works well with Google Cloud, and you can design applications to fit your needs. Its AI-enabled systems can also help you take advantage of your organizational knowledge, keeping you at the forefront of your industry.

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AODocs Process Automation

10. Nuxeo

Nuxeo has positioned itself as a modern workflow management system. It’s taken steps to ensure that its automation and scalability fit anything a 21st century business might need to accomplish. It has AI software that’s easy to use and intuitive workflows designed to help different departments work together smoothly. Plus, you can easily search for content and conduct real-time analysis of your data. Nuxeo is at the forefront of workflow and content management, making it a great companion to have at your side as your business evolves.

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Nuxeo Dashboard

11. Zoho Docs

Working with a lot of documents every day requires organization and compatibility. That’s where Zoho Docs comes in. You can share your files securely both internally and externally, and import documents from Google Drive and Dropbox. You can sync files offline with drag-and-drop functionality and attach documents with Zoho Mail. Zoho knows that your business will create many different types of content and processes to collaborate with your team, and that’s why the Zoho Docs interface is so dynamic.

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Zoho Docs

Know your options

When it comes to Laserfiche alternatives, it’s important to consider your business needs and goals. That’s what shapes how you work and serves as the foundation for growth.

You might not need all of the functions some software provides, so be sure to know exactly what it is you’re looking for. And when you’re working within a BPM system, don’t be afraid to explore and take chances.

The best way to improve is to admit what you don’t know and work to change it. That way, you can ensure that your business remains dynamic, innovative, and runs like a well-oiled machine.

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