5 best ERP software solutions

ERP software helps streamline a company’s operations across the organization. Rather than serving the needs of just one department, the system integrates a variety of functions to meet the needs of every department. Daniel Grist, an apprentice business analyst at CYNERGY3, explains, “An ERP gives a complete picture of the what, when, who, why, and how in a business’s day-to-day operation.”

Ryan O’Neil, founder and CEO of Curate Catering Software, adds that ERP software can help companies manage all parts of their organization holistically.

Because there are various kinds of ERP software available, deciding on what’s best for your business may come down to factors like your industry and company size.

To help you in your search for the best ERP software solutions available, we pinpointed the top ones in the market based on their market reputation and recognition as providers of cutting-edge technology.

1. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft earned a spot on our top enterprise software company list, so it’s no wonder the company develops some of the best ERP software in the world. Microsoft Dynamics combines both ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

Maksym Babych, CEO of SpdLoad says, “This service helps create a closed loop of marketing and sales as well as other business processes.” The product is geared toward small, medium, and large businesses and offers a solution for retail, service, and manufacturing companies.

2. SAP Business One Professional

SAP is another enterprise software giant that made our top enterprise list. Their ERP software, Business One Professional, is an all-in-one ERP and CRM system with three notable features: a financial management system, customer and marketing solutions, and GDPR compliance, according to Babych.

Ronald D’souza, digital marketing manager of Angel Jackets, says another major benefit is that “the Sales and Customer Management feature lets users oversee the entire sales process and customer lifecycle.”

3. Syspro

Syspro stands out because it integrates machine learning and artificial intelligence for greater efficiencies. One example is using humanlike chatbots that address customers’ queries.

Another major benefit of the software, according to D’souza, is that users can pinpoint “developing trends, highlight anomalies, and analyze unstructured/structured data to enhance their decision-making.” He believes this is one of the best ERP software solutions because it allows companies to quickly digitize their business with minimal disruption.

4. Oracle NetSuite OneWorld

Oracle is another name we called out in our review of the top enterprise software companies. Oracle’s NetSuite OneWorld helps businesses manage global e-commerce. From a single NetSuite system, companies can manage global web stores in their location-specific languages and currencies. The system also allows companies to maintain compliance with global and country-specific regulations regarding e-commerce.


ODOO is our final best ERP software pick. Babych explains that it includes ERP, CRM, and project management tools. It’s open-source software, which makes it highly customizable, so businesses of all sizes can modify it to meet their demands. Babych also notes that the free ODOO Community Plan, which is the version that doesn’t require a license, is a major perk, especially for smaller businesses.

There are many different ERP software solutions on the market today. Before picking one for your business, begin by analyzing your company’s operations and determining your needs. Once you understand this, you can compare the offerings and decide on the best solution for your organization. For more on ERP software examples and categories, check out this post.

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