5 trustworthy enterprise backup software solutions

Correctly handling and securing data is critical to the success of any company. Data loss can have devastating effects on an organization, damaging your company’s reputation, reducing revenues, and even resulting in regulatory fines. In fact, 94 percent of businesses don’t survive a catastrophic data loss, according to a University of Texas study.

Charles Edge, director at JAMF Software, says data loss is inevitable. It could be caused by physical damage to equipment, viruses, formatting errors, power outages, or a number of other factors. Without a backup solution in place, your organization may not ever be able to recover lost data.

Because data loss can have such negative effects on your organization, it’s important to implement enterprise backup software to help protect and maintain your data. Bruce Hogan, CEO of SoftwarePundit, explains that this kind of software helps large organizations create copies of their data that can be recovered in the event of a disaster.

Below are five of the best enterprise backup software solutions in the market. Each of these competitive solutions adapts to your organization’s needs and uses cutting-edge technology to ensure your system is well protected.

1. Acronis

Acronis consistently earns high ratings in the software community. The software is celebrated for its wide range of recovery options and its impressive artificial intelligence-based anti-ransomware defense, which performs real-time analysis to protect your data.

In addition, Acronis’s blockchain-based data certification feature helps you maintain the integrity of your data. The software works on more than 20 platforms, making it suitable for all kinds of businesses.

2. Commvault

Commvault offers backup solutions for most databases, applications, and operating systems. It replicates live data in secondary locations and integrates with hardware to provide data snapshots, which it uses for backups.

Comvault also implements artificial intelligence and machine learning to further analyze and report on your data. Other kinds of backup software may charge extra for these features — or not include them at all.

3. Rubrik

Rubrik backup software provides several layers of protection, including continuous recovery points, end-to-end encryption, ransomware protection, and point-in-time-recovery. With this software, you can completely recover a full system and migrate it to any hypervisor or cloud location. And you can perform all activities, from searching application data to automating protection policies, from a single platform.

4. Veeam

Veeam consistently wins awards for its advanced capabilities in loss prevention and data recovery. Some of its most notable features include instant file-level recovery and automated disaster recovery. What’s more, its single console provides access to all workloads, including physical, virtual, and cloud.

5. Zerto

Referring to itself as an “all-in-one IT Resilience Platform,” Zerto specializes in disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility. It claims to reduce recovery time by 75 percent and lets you rewind to any point in time through its journal-based recovery system. You can even recover data from a checkpoint seconds before a disruption occurs.

Losing data shouldn’t be a risk your organization is willing to take. With the wide range of advanced enterprise backup software solutions available, there’s no need to forego extra protection.

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