Jotform Enterprise and One to One Health help safeguard communities

Jotform Enterprise and One to One Health help safeguard communities

Discover how One to One Health uses Jotform Enterprise to help companies successfully meet COVID-19 regulations, track vaccination status, and keep businesses moving forward with compassionate care.

One to One Health is a workplace healthcare provider delivering primary and acute care to employees and their families, both onsite and remotely. This unique approach to providing healthcare enables employers to control costs while offering a unique benefit that gives employees convenient access to quality, compassionate care. 

The challenge: Delivering healthcare solutions at scale during COVID-19 

COVID-19 dramatically escalated One to One Health’s role as its clients sought ways to navigate the pandemic. With a solid foundation of healthcare best practices, One to One Health began establishing protocols for safely remaining at work, performing onsite testing and vaccinations, and ultimately, expanding services to help companies track employees’ vaccination status. 

The organizational, technical, and logistical hurdles presented by COVID-19 forced businesses to find a way for employees to work remotely or establish protocols to protect essential workers. 

Companies that went remote needed to ensure the security of their data as entire workforces logged in from home. And as workers struggled to care for themselves, their children, and at-risk family members, organizations monitored infection rates and regulations, hoping for a quick return to normal.

One to One Health’s initial COVID-19 solution involved a centralized, dedicated email inbox where employees sent pictures of their vaccination cards. The work of manually sifting through the inbox put a tremendous administrative burden on the team, whose mission is rooted in caring for people. 

The search for a better solution intensified when a federal agency with more than 10,000 employees asked One to One Health to present its capabilities for helping companies navigate the pandemic. Wanting to seize the opportunity, Wil Trohanis, chief revenue officer, worked with his team to consider the complexities of providing services at scale. “That led us to our conversation with Jotform,” he says.

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Clearing security and federal regulations with a single, simple solution

One to One Health had several hurdles to clear. The company had to meet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance standards. It also needed to supply the highest level of security. Multifactor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on features delivered through an intuitive user experience were table stakes. 

To maintain its standard of care and service, One to One Health also needed a solution that enabled behind-the-scenes collaboration. Rooting out fraudulent vaccine submissions was a critical part of the process. 

“Our teams need to be able to check for fraud, make notations, and establish a single source of truth,” says Trohanis.

The multifactor authentication and HIPAA-friendly environment that Jotform was able to provide was a home run for our clients and us.

With Jotform Enterprise, One to One Health created an end-to-end solution to efficiently collect, verify, store, and report on employee vaccination status at scale to help clients meet federal mandates.

The security features, including MFA and HIPAA compliance, enable the highest security standards. At the same time, white-labeling options like a custom URL and logo reassure users who enter their information via a Jotform form. 

“We’ve just been blown away by how easy it is to use Jotform Enterprise. For administrators and employees who are dealing with so much complexity and uncertainty, it’s a breath of fresh air,” Trohanis says. 

Improving communication with real-time client reporting

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team reviews individual records in Jotform Tables to identify where work is needed, which records were denied, and where potential fraud is present.

According to Trohanis, “the team likes the ability to navigate the Jotform Enterprise environment to prioritize efforts, track information, make comments about progress, and note when records are closed.”

The Jotform Enterprise platform makes reporting a breeze. “One client called us at 8 a.m. requesting information to present at their board meeting,” Trohanis says. “We were able to provide that data in about 30 seconds. Having real-time analytics and metrics available for clients is incredibly powerful.”

For more than a year, employers have been attempting to navigate the pandemic with in-house resources. While some organizations are able to do this, it can divert attention away from essential programs, including benefits and well-being initiatives.

Stopgap solutions can also create compliance and security risks.

I would encourage anyone who’s looking for the right approach to strongly consider the data security elements, the compliance elements, and especially the flexibility of Jotform Enterprise. You want partners who are willing to be flexible and able to support you as circumstances change.

Trohanis notes that One to One Health has “seen a lot of employers take on a tremendous burden, and it’s only made things harder for them.”

Partnering with Jotform Enterprise for a bright and healthy future

With Jotform Enterprise, the health coaches and providers at One to One Health are delivering the same experience and standard of care they are known for despite the challenges of COVID-19.

“It’s so refreshing to find an organization that helps us amplify our values and solve problems related to the care and well-being of populations when that support is desperately needed,” says Trohanis. 

Looking ahead, Trohanis and his team are exploring additional ways to leverage the Jotform Enterprise platform to grow the business, including capabilities that many employers will need to comply with federal regulations, potentially including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

“The customer success team has been a tremendous resource for us as we think through how best to work together to achieve our goals,” Trohanis explains. “We’re so grateful for the team at Jotform Enterprise. We see it as a differentiator in the market.” 

The efficiencies gained from Jotform Enterprise enabled One to One Health to position itself as a solution for large employers. “That, combined with Jotform’s focus on doing everything right from a compliance standpoint, helps us navigate this as quickly and painlessly as possible,” says Trohanis. 

Discover how Jotform Enterprise can help your organization meet its goals. With GDPR and HIPAA compliance features for data security, administrative controls and single sign-on for safer collaboration, and over 400 unique app templates and integrations to fit your workflow, Jotform Enterprise empowers your team to be more productive and informed. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo.

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