6 best event planning software tools

From finding venues to hiring caterers, event planning has many moving parts. In fact, the primary characteristic of a successful event planner is their ability to remain calm and organized while they check all the necessary boxes. That’s where event planning software comes in.

By providing a single go-to location for event details, relationships, and finances, event planning software helps planners be even more organized and efficient. Here are six of the best event planning tools available on the market today.

1. Whova

As the winner of the best event app at the Event Technology Awards, it’s easy to see why Whova is at the top of our list. This software is used for events in nearly every industry, including corporate, government, and academic as well as trade shows and conferences.

Whova helps event planners focus on and complete the most important event planning tasks. These include creating an agenda, organizing and contacting speakers, generating name badges, performing simple online and in-person check-in, and making conference-wide announcements.

Whova also allows organizations to create special apps for their events. These apps showcase events and sponsors, providing them with lead generation tools like business card scanning and promotional opportunities.

2. OpenConf

Do you host conferences or workshops? If so, OpenConf may be the tool for you. Universities, science organizations, and major manufacturing and design companies use this event planning software. There are a number of OpenConf editions you can purchase depending on the needs and goals of your organization.

You can customize OpenConf to meet the demands of your event, which makes the software stand out from some other leading event planning tools. Plus, OpenConf makes it easy not only to organize and submit information but for others to view and approve that information as well. This functionality makes it a highly collaborative tool that helps improve efficiency from start to finish.

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3. Event Essentials

Event Essentials is aimed at helping concerts, festivals, and nonprofit events run smoothly and successfully. The tool can streamline the most important aspects of charity-driven events, including ticket sales, registration, vendor applications, volunteer signup, ad placement, and interactive map creation.

Event Essentials also helps organize the unique aspects of a charity event, like raffles, auctions, and donations. They offer a point-of-sale system, website and content management, and e-commerce for selling merchandise. Another benefit of Event Essentials is that they support improved communication between attendees, volunteers, and hosts. For example, they offer a text voting and interaction tool as well as a social media management tool that foster meaningful relationships and loyalty.

4. Tripleseat

Tripleseat can boost sales and streamline the planning and production process for banquets, catering, and specialty food-driven events. Primary users are businesses in the hospitality industry, including hotels and restaurants, but Tripleseat is also a tool for specialty venues like upscale bowling alleys and dining-focused movie theaters.

Tripleseat makes it easy to plan the details of an event, manage guests, confirm reservations, communicate updates, and track payments. The tool also powers document creation, such as banquet orders, menus, chef sheets, invoices, proposals, contracts, and spreadsheets of any kind.

Integrations with Excel, Google, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and other organizational and revenue-driving tools allow event managers to continue using the tools already in their workflow.

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5. Konfeo

Konfeo is an event planning software tool designed for conferences and training companies. Konfeo helps conference planners organize and create registration forms, manage attendees, create e-tickets, and sell tickets online. The tool allows for simple event creation and duplication, as well as ticketing and event management.

From a security standpoint, Konfeo backs up and protects all user data to ensure optimum protection from fraudulent activity. In addition, Konfeo makes it easy to differentiate between users to create more organized attendee lists that power demographic data and streamline check-in.

6. EventMobi

EventMobi is a dynamic event planning tool that powers communication between event hosts and attendees. Specifically, EventMobi keeps attendees engaged before, during, and after the event through tools such as surveys, gamification, and digital signage. It offers private meeting bookings too, so attendees can sign up for one-on-one meetings with exhibitors and sponsors to make the most of their time.

Real-time messaging functionality and group discussion tools encourage attendees to form relationships. EventMobi supports event hosts and attendees across the entire life cycle of the event process. A strong customer support team helps planners every step of the way.

Did You Know

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Whether you’re hosting an international conference or creating an internal workshop for employees, these event planning software solutions will make it easy to plan, organize, and create a seamless event that drives revenue and results.

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