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Event planning doesn’t have to be a headache. You can take a lot off your plate throughout the planning process with online forms, which can help you collect information from clients, schedule meetings and showings, register sponsors and guests, and more. By the time it’s the big day, you should be feeling excited but at ease. If you do have to scramble at the last minute, an online form builder like Jotform can help you get what you need quickly. Let’s dive into how you can use online forms to help you plan your next big event, without the stress.


Online forms are an efficient way to collect information automatically. No more endless lists of people to call, email, and chase down. Just create an online form featuring form fields that ask for the details you need and send them out with your preferred email service. Jotform is seamlessly integrated with MailChimp, Vertical Response, Constant Contact, and many others.

Whether you need a sponsor’s’ preferences and contact information, or a client’s schedules and electronic signatures, you can eliminate the need for back-and-forth emails with online forms. Data collected will not only be sent to your email address, but will also be neatly stored in your Jotform dashboard.

Event Registration and Payments

There’s no need to have a developer code your event registration forms from scratch or have a cut taken out of your proceeds from an event ticket provider. Using Jotform, you can drag and drop your way to a custom event registration form within minutes. On top of all that, Jotform is integrated with the top payment providers including PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and more so you have security, as well as options. You also have the ability to collect recurring donations right within your event registration form, which is great for nonprofits.

Jotform offers dozens of integrations and features to allow you to customize your RSVP form exactly as you want it. Add a map of your event location, create a custom Thank You Page, encourage attendees to check out your organization’s social media accounts, and more.

Staff and Volunteer Coordination

Whether you’d like to create custom application forms for prospective hires and volunteers, or you’d like to streamline scheduling and logistical challenges, the answer is creating the right online form to fit your needs. Application forms can be customized to include questions pertaining to your specific event or field. For example, if your event management company is hiring a wedding planner, you can ask for an optional Pinterest link to check out their aesthetic, preferences, and past experiences. You can also ask for their personal fundraising page and history if you’re looking for fundraising coordinators.

You can also use online forms to coordinate staff and volunteers through the event management process all the way through the event, and even after (in the form of a feedback form!). Event planning forms gather important information like the type of event (banquet, gala, conference), the dates and times, the event description and special details, requirements, cost, and more. Help your organization stay on top of the event’s progress by having them update forms which can be automatically routed through integrations to keep everyone in the know. Data can automatically populate Excel spreadsheets or many other organizational tools that you use.

Do you use Jotform for event planning? Let us know how!

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