How to collect memorial tributes for deceased loved ones

How to collect memorial tributes for deceased loved ones

How would you like to honor the memory of a loved one after they are gone? The internet offers a variety of options for memorializing a family member. And digital tools provide a place where family and friends can share photos, memories, and stories.

Understanding the online memorial tribute

During a time of social distancing and limited in-person interactions, digital memorial pages are gaining in popularity. An online tribute helps loved ones participate in the grieving process.

A tribute page is an extension of the formal obituary. People who knew and loved the deceased have many memories to share about the person and their legacy. Through an online form, you can gather and consolidate the details people would like to share.

This process makes it simple to gather information conveniently in one place. You can then share the responses through a tribute wall or memorial page about your loved one.

Collecting memories in digital format

Not only does this information help with personalizing funeral services, but it also allows family and friends who may not be able to attend the services because of distance or COVID-19 restrictions to feel connected.

The goal is to gather the information that highlights and honors the person’s unique life.

Set up a form to collect full tributes or snippets of information, and let people know about the different things they can contribute, including

  • Stories
  • Memories
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Condolences

Once you’ve collected everything, you can organize the information into a meaningful keepsake, such as a web page or a printed or online memory book.

Collecting memorial tributes for a hero: Remembering Sir Captain Tom Moore

Recently, BirminghamLive requested user-submitted tributes in honor of Sir Captain Tom Moore, who died at the age of 100. People across the U.K. remember Captain Moore for the way he inspired the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A former British Army officer, Captain Moore raised money for the National Health Service by walking laps around his garden during the lockdown. He ultimately raised nearly £33 million. The online tributes show how much of an impact he had on people in these challenging times.

Collecting tributes and donations with multiuse digital forms

In addition to sharing memories about the deceased, people often would like to make a donation to the family. These funds can alleviate the financial burden on the family for funeral and burial expenses. You might consider including a donation and payment portal on your tribute form.

While traditional memorial and tribute services serve one function, Jotform offers a range of multipurpose tools. Here are some of the ways you can use Jotform for funeral planning and digital tributes:

  • Event coordination. Share a survey with funeral attendees to coordinate funeral dates. For example, you can collect information about everyone’s travel schedules by sending them a short survey.
  • Funeral planning. Finalize funeral services through a funeral preparation form, including preferred poems, readings, and names of the people who will participate in the funeral program.
  • Tribute organization. When collecting tribute submissions, you can organize the data in Jotform Tables. Consolidating similar information makes it easy to sort the submissions.
  • Flower orders. Use digital flower order forms to help florists and families finalize the bouquets and other arrangements for the event.
  • Invitations and RSVPs. Create an online invitation and RSVP form for friends and family who are attending the funeral. Not only can you get an estimate for seating, but you can also give the caterer a solid headcount.
  • Authorization forms. Anyone providing funeral-related services may need authorizations for the final arrangements. The crematory or cemetery might request specific records and signatures from the family, such as a cremation authorization form.

Saying goodbye to a loved one can be emotional and challenging, which is why you need a good system to organize everything. The forms above can be helpful in many funeral planning tasks, including gathering memorial tributes, communicating with funeral attendees, and coordinating services with participants.

The advantage to using Jotform is that you have access to premade templates and full customization capabilities. Families have the flexibility to personalize every form and document, ensuring that online tributes and memorial services are respectful and appropriate in honoring the life of the deceased.

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