Top 5 online wedding RSVP tools for planning your big day

Sending out wedding invites is an exciting task — it means your big day is approaching! But that doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax (yet). Managing those incoming RSVPs is an important component of wedding planning — getting it right can help ensure everything goes smoothly on the day.

Now’s the time to turn to online wedding RSVP tools.

Not sure which online wedding RSVP tools to use or how they work? We’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn more about what these tools do, see our top five product choices, and get some advice about best practices to follow when creating online wedding RSVPs.

The benefits of online wedding RSVP tools

As with most things, trying to handle RSVPs manually can get messy — phone calls, spreadsheets, and notes aren’t the most reliable or efficient ways to manage your guest list. As the description implies, online wedding RSVP tools move the bulk of the work online, which helps streamline the process and ensure your guests get their RSVPs in on time.

You can use online wedding RSVP tools whether you’re sending out paper or digital invitations or even using a combination of both.

Some online wedding RSVP tools can send out the wedding invitation via email, enabling guests to submit their response through the same system. Others use a unique guest code, which you can print on mailed invites to accept online RSVP responses. You can even input hard-copy RSVP responses into an online wedding RSVP tool yourself and use it as a simple tracking mechanism.

Some tools are also capable of sending automated email reminders to guests, notifying you when new submissions come in, and more.

Tips for creating online wedding RSVPs

To make your online wedding RSVPs as effective and useful as possible, follow these suggestions:

  • Go beyond attendance. Don’t just ask people if they will be attending. Use this opportunity to learn about your guests’ meal preferences, dietary restrictions, song requests, and more.
  • Confirm spellings. Be sure you have everyone’s names spelled correctly for use on the seating chart and place cards.
  • Include additional details. Remind guests about additional events they may need to RSVP to, such as a bridal shower.
  • Express your excitement. Don’t forget to thank your guests and tell them you’re looking forward to celebrating with them at the event.

5 popular online wedding RSVP tools

Any of the tools below will simplify guest list management and help you stay on top of responses.

1. Jotform

Jotform is an online form builder that works perfectly as a wedding RSVP tool.

You can use Jotform’s wedding RSVP template as-is or customize it based on your event colors and other requirements. Add in any fields you like — such as questions about dietary restrictions and song suggestions — to get all the information you want from your guests. Security is important to Jotform, so you and your guests can rest assured all information will remain in the right hands.

Jotform is available in a free plan, and it offers four tiers of paid plans starting at $34 per month.

2. The Knot

The Knot Landing Page

The Knot is a wedding website tool you can use to collect RSVPs from your guests in addition to sharing your love story and wedding details. And it offers a key feature: You can send wedding updates and details to each guest via text message.

Paid plan starts at $97 per month + application usage-based fees. The company also offers a 14-day free trial.

3. RSVPify

Rsvpify Landing Page

RSVPify is a powerful tool that manages RSVPs for any type of event. It enables you to create a custom wedding website, send out updates and announcements, and collect responses from guests through a customizable form.

RSVPify has a free trial and multiple paid plans that start at $19 per month.

4. Zola

Zola Landing Page

Zola is a wedding website tool that enables you to collect online RSVPs from your guests. It comes with multiple website templates and RSVP form templates, in addition to many wedding resources, such as vendor lists and expert advice from professional wedding planners.

Zola is free to use, but there’s an additional charge for a custom website domain.

5. Joy

Joy Landing Page

Joy is a wedding website tool that comes with many RSVP and save the date functions. You can set up custom RSVPs to include information about plus-ones, meal choices, song requests, and more. Plus, Joy enables you to track guests for multiple wedding events, such as showers and bachelorette parties.

Joy is free to use.

Jotform for all your wedding RSVP needs — and more

When planning your big day, go with a tried and tested online wedding RSVP solution: Jotform.

Jotform comes with a wedding RSVP form template you can customize based on your wedding theme, colors, and requirements using the simple drag-and-drop editor. Send out RSVP requests by embedding the form on your wedding website or using links and QR codes. Plus, with Jotform Tables, the platform’s spreadsheet-powered database, you can see all responses in one place to more effectively plan your seating arrangements, catering, and more.

And here’s a bonus for your wedding planning: Jotform also comes with tons of other useful wedding templates, such as a wedding photography contract, a DJ planning form, and wedding invitation form. All templates are easy to use and easy to customize.

All information in Jotform is highly secure, so you, your guests, and your vendors never need to worry about their confidential or personal details falling into the wrong hands. If you’re using other software to plan your wedding, Jotform integrates with many other systems, such as cloud storage systems, project management tools, and more.

Make gathering your online wedding RSVPs a stress-free process with Jotform.

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