How to organize baby massage sessions and classes

When there’s a new baby in the house, everyone feels stressed if the little one is fussy or uncomfortable. How do you soothe an upset infant? Baby massage is a popular option when parents want natural or alternative solutions to help their children stay calm.

As a massage therapist, you can support parents with baby massage services. Parents are also often interested in baby massage classes because they want to learn techniques they can use at home. That means you can increase your income by teaching classes.

How massage therapists can automate their businesses

Most massage therapists are confident in their skills when a client is on the massage table, but the administrative responsibilities of running a business can be stressful. Do you have sound systems in place to support your business and workflow, especially when you’re adding new services?

If you haven’t already invested in digital forms, then it’s a great time to learn more about how to use Jotform in your massage therapy business. Whether you’re booking baby massage sessions or holding an educational class, using templates and forms can make your life easier.

Here are some areas where you can automate your business — and not just when you want to organize baby massage sessions and classes: 

  1. Digital booking. Appointment scheduling can cut into your productivity. Instead of playing phone tag or engaging in long email exchanges, make it easy for clients to book appointments by using a digital platform that lists your availability. Customize an online booking form template for parents to use when they’d like to schedule a massage for their baby.
  2. Client intake. Gather information about each client’s health and medical history through this digital client intake form. When clients fill out the forms before the appointment, you can begin the massage service as soon as they arrive for their session.
  3. COVID-19 questionnaires. Now that massage clinics are back in business after COVID-19 shutdowns, therapists need to screen their clients for symptoms and exposure. Include a coronavirus questionnaire as part of the intake process before each massage session or class.
  4. Consent forms. It’s essential that you always get consent from each client before performing massage therapy services. This consent form gives you a way to share information about massage services and potential risks while also asking each client to agree with the terms of service.
  5. Payment processing. Most people want to pay for services using a credit card or digital payment platform. Payment processing integrations available through Jotform make it easy for your clients to pay you. These digital solutions eliminate the need for cash and help you focus on the class or session instead of worrying about collecting money.
  6. Class registrations. If you decide to hold baby massage classes, use online registration forms to collect information from participants. Not only can you gather information about each class attendee, but you can integrate signatures and payment processing as needed.
  7. Digital communication. Increase the likelihood of repeat business by staying in contact with your clients through email marketing and social media. Jotform offers email integrations that give you a simple way to update clients about monthly specials and new services.

Build an effective system with a variety of forms that match your business needs. These forms collect patient information and save it in a central location. Jotform Tables is an all-in-one workspace where you can access all of the information submitted through your forms. If you have multiple massage therapists working in the clinic, you can use the collaboration features to communicate with all of your team members.

Many massage therapists are already using Jotform tools for their businesses. If you want to see these digital forms in action, check out this interview with a current Jotform user.

Why use digital forms in your massage therapy business?

Digital forms make it easy to collect information from clients. For example, Jotform templates are fully customizable and allow you to collect an electronic signature when necessary. These no-code tools include top-notch security, ensuring that you maintain your clients’ privacy at all times.

You’ll save both time and money when you eliminate paper forms and switch to cloud-based solutions. Get rid of the stacks of paperwork and filing cabinets. Simply send the form links to your clients before the massage session or class, and they can submit information at their convenience. 

Plus, Jotform offers a variety of integrations, allowing you to combine these digital forms with your online booking system, taking the stress out of running your massage therapy business so you can focus on relieving stress for your clients and their little ones. 

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