The 4 best field service management software tools

Organizations with contractors, technicians, and delivery specialists can benefit from field service management software. Whether communicating with employees, tracking sales, or regulating customer satisfaction, field service management software helps unite all the important functions of field operations into a single platform.

This is especially important for small businesses, where efficiency is vital to conserving resources and keeping customers happy. Here’s a look at the top field service management software tools designed to keep small businesses running smoothly.

1. Intuit Field Service Management

Intuit Field Service Management is a tool designed to help small businesses thrive and scale. The platform offers essential services like tracking sales and revenue and managing in-house inventory and contracts. It also has a robust scheduling tool that enables field workers to handle orders and make quotes.

Intuit allows service providers to collect payments in the field, and managers can access the information in real time. Online webinars and training come with purchases of the software, so managers can get their teams up to speed quickly.

Intuit Field Service Management

Intuit’s platform integrates seamlessly with its other applications, such as QuickBooks. Companies already using these tools for accounting and financial management will be able to connect it with Field Service Management for deeper insight, without an additional learning curve.

2. HouseCall Pro

Small home service businesses can benefit in many ways from Housecall Pro. This simple, streamlined field service management software is designed for companies in industries like pest control, electric maintenance, and HVAC.

The four main goals of HouseCall Pro are to help small businesses increase revenue, save time, manage cash flow, and provide a strong customer experience. All of the software’s features and functions are designed to support these goals.

HouseCall Pro

For example, features like online scheduling, monthly service plans, and targeted marketing allow companies to easily grow their revenue by building customer loyalty and establishing recurring revenue. Another benefit of HouseCall Pro is that it helps the company send SMS updates and alerts to customers, so they always know when a technician is on their way.

3. Jobber

Jobber is field service management software that’s equipped with a client manager to help create an optimal customer experience. This client relationship function allows managers and field workers to track essential details about the customer’s journey. This includes access to the full client history, where past orders and house calls can be viewed.

Jobber also offers a digital client hub, where customers can easily view invoices, track upcoming visits, print receipts, and pay their bills. This streamlines the quote creation and approval process, making it easier for field workers to manage their interactions with customers. Jobber serves a diverse range of industries, including landscaping, housekeeping, and home maintenance.


Small businesses also turn to Jobber because of its customer service. Jobber team members are known for being knowledgeable and supportive whenever issues arise, which is why so many people are loyal to the company.

4. Field Service Lightning

Field Service Lightning is a Salesforce product, which means it can be especially useful for small businesses already using the Salesforce product suite.

One of the benefits of this field service management software tool is that it helps connect customers with technicians quickly. The ability to manage dispatchers, technicians, and agents from a single location allows for faster appointment scheduling, fulfillment, and resolution of field service calls.

Field Service Lightning

Additionally, Salesforce’s simple platform provides real-time insight into appointments. This means that everyone involved in the service cycle — including managers, dispatchers, employees, and customers — can see what’s been scheduled and what’s been completed. This information is valuable not only for satisfying customers in the present but for building customer loyalty and driving recurring revenue over time.

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This article is originally published on Apr 30, 2021, and updated on May 04, 2021.

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