Electrical Testing Ltd cut risk assessment times by 50% with Jotform Enterprise

Electrical Testing Ltd cut risk assessment times by 50% with Jotform Enterprise

For most of us, keeping the lights on is as easy as paying the monthly electricity bill. For city governments, though, it can be a bit more complicated.

With over 30 years of experience, Electrical Testing Ltd is a leading provider of highway electrical services in the UK, from electrical and structural testing to fault-finding and route-tracing. In short: It keeps the lights on.

Looking to streamline on-site data intake, Electrical Testing Ltd upgraded to Jotform Enterprise in 2020. Now, expanding its use case over time, the organization uses Enterprise for everything from risk assessments and competency certifications to internal surveys and employee onboarding.

“Jotform gives us a competitive advantage by reducing our core costs, and increasing our efficiency,” says James Barker, technical director for Electrical Testing. “We can respond to things much faster. Jotform Enterprise enables us to do things that would typically require multiple different software products.”

Jotform Enterprise enables us to do things that would typically require multiple different software products.

James Barker, technical director, Electrical Testing

Streamlining data collection

Data collection and organization are paramount for Electrical Testing, given its work with a wide variety of geographically dispersed clients and employees.

“Before Jotform Enterprise, distributing and getting paper documents filled was messy and time-consuming,” Barker says. “Now, our guys never actually see the final document; they just put their info into a form, and they’re done. It makes collecting information much easier.”

One of the most frequent data collection use cases for Electrical Testing is conducting on-site risk assessments. With Jotform Enterprise, the organization can leverage powerful conditional logic in its forms to simplify this process, saving time and money.

“With conditional logic, we’ve halved the time it takes for operatives to produce point-of-work risk assessments,” says Barker. “Furthermore, we’ve saved on postage, paperwork, and the time spent sending and organizing documents.

“Conditional logic allows us to build shorter, more dynamic, easier-to-fill forms,” he says. “A form that was once 10 pages might now only be three. Certain questions are shown based on a user’s answer to previous questions.”

Conditional logic allows us to build shorter, more dynamic, easier-to-fill forms.

James Barker, technical director, Electrical Testing

Another Enterprise feature that Electrical Testing uses to boost its data-intake workflow is unlimited e-signature collection. With e-signature capture forms for employees, Electrical Testing has facilitated quicker, safer, and more efficient signing. “I am very impressed by the ability to collect e-signatures,” Barker says. “It’s a massive plus because we can ditch another piece of software that we only use for signing.”

Easy mobile form-filling

Collecting data on the go is an integral part of any electrical service provider’s job. To speed up on-site data intake, Electrical Testing shifted its paper forms to dynamic mobile forms with Jotform Enterprise.

“We use Jotform very dynamically in the field. Our guys use mobile form filling for everything from logging daily driving hours to conducting on-site risk assessments,” says Barker. “We love the ability for them to quickly and easily see forms from their phones.”

Doubling down on the importance of mobile, Electrical Testing also uses Jotform Apps to create mobile applications for intuitive data collection. “We’ve created apps for recording work completed on-site and for internal surveys,” Barker says. “They are intuitive and provide a better user experience than just sharing a link.”

“Everybody thinks I’m a genius for writing a mobile app,” says Barker, “when I don’t even do any coding!”

Automating with Approval workflows

Electrical Testing Ltd has also been able to leverage Jotform Enterprise’s approval workflows to automate electrical work authorizations.

“Using Jotform Enterprise, we run a competency system for granting electrical work authorization,” Barker says. “It starts with a form for assessing operative competencies. Upon submission, the form is automatically sent to an authorizing officer for approval. If the authorizing officer approves it, the form gets sent back to the operative for a final signature and acceptance of the authorization.”

The approval systems that Electrical Testing has built are a great example of how powerful, integrated systems can streamline once-monotonous tasks. The electrical authorization process starts with forms. Then, form submission data is automatically emailed to stakeholders with Approvals, and final decisions are accepted using e-signatures. All of these systems serve to save Electrical Testing time, effort, and, ultimately, money.

“With Jotform Enterprise,” says Barker, “your ROI is not just your return on financial investment, but your time as well.”

Are you interested in learning how your organization can leverage Jotform Enterprise? Contact our Enterprise Sales team and check out more case studies.

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