How Jotform Apps helped EWYN Studios thrive during the pandemic

How Jotform Apps helped EWYN Studios thrive during the pandemic

The pandemic has impacted each industry differently, with health and fitness professionals facing a particularly difficult challenge. After regional health orders put a stop to in-person training, how could fitness centers retain their clientele? Somehow, they had to maintain the connection they had so carefully fostered with their clients, all from a distance.

At EWYN Studios in Canada, Nicole Wreaks turned to Jotform Apps, successfully providing 50 brick-and-mortar weight-loss centers with timely online support.

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“We’ve had to change the way we look after our clients and integrate a lot more online so we could move through the pandemic and still have a business, to be quite frank,” says Wreaks, international online training coordinator.

EWYN Studios faced a pivotal moment. But with Jotform Apps, Wreaks not only helped her company thrive during the pandemic, she better prepared it for the future of commerce.

No-code lifeline

EWYN Studios created a custom app — using the Jotform Apps no-code app builder. More than 300 task- and industry-specific app templates are available, and the apps function on both mobile and desktop devices. 

With its new app, EWYN Studios can share weight-loss tips, instructional videos, and recipes with clients remotely. The app also provides forms to document weight-loss activities and ask questions. Perhaps most impressively, members can scan barcodes to see if various food items fit their meal plan.

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EWYN Studio app

Wreaks sends the app’s unique QR code to each of EWYN’s weight-loss centers for customers to scan and easily install on their mobile devices, allowing for a previously unattainable level of connection between coaches and their clients.

“It’s a one-stop shop for clients or business, like an intranet,” says Wreaks. “I don’t have a developer background, but it’s easy to create an app that’s visually appealing and user-friendly. When I looked at the client integrating our own app, it was super easy. To be fair, it’s very cost-effective.”

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It was easy for Wreaks to build a unique hub for her team and clients with Jotform Apps, but more important, the EWYN Studios app has proven effective, quickly creating a method of communication for all involved with the company.

“Jotform Apps has helped us with providing 24-7 resources to our clients and our teams,” Wreaks says, adding that the information EWYN Studios receives is easier to analyze. “We’re able to better manage our data, and we can provide timely reporting to our teams.”

Sprouted from a form

Wreaks’s journey with Jotform Apps started when she had to send secure forms to her clients throughout the region. Her colleague, EWYN’s marketing director, proposed using Jotform, and soon thereafter, Wreaks dove into Jotform’s variety of tools. That’s when she noticed Jotform Apps.

“I created some forms that our studios needed and then from there, seeing the app builder, I called our president and said, ‘Hey, I think I can build us an app,’ ” Wreaks says. “And from that, I created more forms and other applications for the app. It allowed me to create other content that has been very useful for our clients.

“The app has become a fantastic resource tool for our team,” Wreaks adds. “Quick and easy to access and use, and on any device. The impact so far has been all positive.”

Better positioned for the future

Retaining connectivity among teams and clients has been crucial for Wreaks. Additionally, EWYN Studios is better prepared for future growth. When EWYN’s clients are ready to get back to their pre-pandemic routines, they’ll have a better experience thanks to Jotform Apps, which helped Wreaks produce a professional-looking, unique app in little time, using few resources.

Wreaks continues to alter and add to the EWYN Studios custom app, and she wants her clients to have the freedom to monitor their weight loss from anywhere at any time, be it from home or at one of EWYN’s weight-loss centers — whether there’s a pandemic or not.

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“Getting more online and technical support for our clients, as we progress as a company, that’s going to be a lot more of what our clients are looking for,” Wreaks says. “That’s the future.”

Luke is a multidisciplinary writer whose expertise encompasses B2B, SaaS and sports. He co-authored Jotform for Beginners Volumes 1 and 2 and covers product tutorials, customer stories, third-party connectivity and more for the Jotform blog. A former associate editor at NorthBay biz magazine, Luke moonlights as a sports writer. His work has been published by USA Today, Yahoo Sports, and others, and he’s covered live sporting events for the Argus-Courier in Sonoma County, Calif. You can reach Luke through his contact form.

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