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How to Assign Calculation Value

How to Assign Calculation Value

Calculation values are generally used for calculations. It represents the numerical value of an input field. This feature is only available in the following fields:

🔘 Multiple Choice Field (Checkbox)

🔘 Single Choice Field (Radio Button)

🔘 Dropdown Field

To assign calculation values on these fields, follow these steps:

1. Select the field on your form to highlight it then click the GEAR icon.

2. Go to the OPTIONS tab and toggle the USE CALCULATION VALUES option to ON.

3. Below that option will be a 2-column table showing all the options on the left and a corresponding blank column on the right. This is where you will type in the respective calculation values for each option.

You can either manually enter each calculation value per row or paste values copied on your clipboard in the calculation values as a whole like so:

Instead of typing in 10, 20, 30, and 40 per row, you can paste...




40 one go. And that's it - The changes are automatically saved.

NOTE: For the Dropdown Field, the first option must always be zero. This represents the first empty value of the Dropdown field.


Dropdown demo:

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  • VolACRS

    Where do I find the calculation results after I set them? I've used the form calculator field, tried to add up all the items that I included but nothing has shown there. Form can be seen here:

  • BlueGiraffe

    No, I was talking about something else that I used once in my form.
    It is a calculator that allows to summarize the chosen options.
    For example if one class has been chosen, it is one price, if two classes have been marked, the double price appears automatically.
    Thank you!

  • Goodtimeboys

    How do I get this number to Multiply with another input?

    If I had one question asking how many items, then how do get it to multiply with another question which asks about price?

  • cvaughn

    How can I get the calculated value to show in an excel report?

  • musclebling

    It is not totaling is there something I can do?

  • vmghr2

    I created this form to submit the right answers after the test is complete it is no longer doing that please help me get the form back on track to make things a little easier in our hiring process

  • lifeisawesome

    I am trying to calculate results of multiple check boxes within each field (page) in for form calculation widget, but the final result is not showing properly. As a result, everything gets messed up. Kindly help.

  • patwardhanmahesh

    Hi! Just wanted to know. How do we show calculation from numeric field values: I mean I have field1 and field2 and I want to show the result as field1/field2.

  • DRMIKE9327


    I can't make this form total the answer values.

  • dothanby

    OK almost but when I select Classification type and enter a contributation amount is does not add then correctly try and you will see what I mean

  • andreia1991

    Tenho uma lanchonete e quero criar um formulário para encomendas personalizada, onde o cliente seleciona os sabores e as quantidades de cada sabor, então no campo de múltipla escolha, ele precisa conseguir escolhar mais de uma opção, além de especificar a quantidade. por exemplo:

    Quantidade: 100
    Quantidade: 200
    (x) Queijo
    Quantidade: 160

    Sabe me dizer como criar este tipo de formulário?

  • aubreybourke

    Apologies for the lack of response by the team. We tend to focus on questions in the forums or via email.
    If you require a response you can rest assured that we will reply to all questions on the forums or via email

  • ChristianLohmeier

    47 comments - no answers by the team - that's awesome... not

  • clayravin

    it's ok, I've worked out how to do it (see my question below) using the calculation widget

  • clayravin

    Is there a way for these calculation values be sent in the Notifcation email, instead of the option names?

  • Santosglasses

    Nosotros necesitamos valor de calculo pero nuestros productos no se calculan por unidad , sino por metro cuadrado, (m2) por medida alto y ancho.

    ¿Se puede calcular?, si es asi digannos como por favor.

  • dayakanid

    how to set the limit of the field and prevent same submission?

  • Grandraidcamargue

    Is it possible to have this lesson in french ?
    Thank you
    Laurent GRENIER

  • ClaudiaMariaDesgualdo

    Is it possible to upload a pre formated chart with values and codes

  • soe2015

    How to show the "PRICE" field as the demo..?

  • Scoach

    NVM just got it to work, thanks!

  • Scoach

    Pasting the values doesn't work - it just pastes all the values into the first option. Is there a specific way these are supposed to be written or just like you showed in one column?
    I have them written out just like yours (please see below) and it's still not working.





  • Susanahbsmith

    I added calculation values for each of my multiple choice how do I make it so that my customers can see their total?
    This is for a customer paying by check that does not need a payment form...

  • Scoach

    This person's comment is EXACTLY WHAT I'M EXPERIENCING. Is there ANY way to revert to the old method?? PLEASE!! This really causes problem for my company's use of this form. ::

    this update causes big problems when you have a long list. Before you could just copy and paste in one operation.
    Now if you have a lot of options me and you edit the options list frequently it is a real nightmare since when you delete an option the value does not become deleted but shifted to the next option.

    When you delete an item the values do not automatically associate correctly.
    This is ridiculous and obviously released without consultation or bug checking.


  • Sonny81

    This does not work on my form, anyone know why this maybe despite doing everything they have mentioned?

  • stevedellar

    this update causes big problems when you have a long list. Before you could just copy and paste in one operation.
    Now if you have a lot of options me and you edit the options list frequently it is a real nightmare since when you delete an option the value does not become deleted but shifted to the next option.

    When you delete an item the values do not automatically associate correctly.
    This is ridiculous and obviously released without consultation or bug checking.


  • KickUp

    Hi there,

    Looks like the Calculation values got a facelift UI and it's now very difficult to update them... Is there any way to bulk copy what's already in there?

  • HPT765

    Hi there!

    Am trying to emulate the form in the sample - I do not want a Next option - both panels on same page - tks

  • Chris_VMS


    The new dropdown "add calculation value"style is REAL BAD! I'm unable to copy-paste entire rows of data from my spreadsheet! Having to do it one by one is impossible as I've a lot of data there!

    Please revert to the old notepad style or better make a switch for two input styles to be used at our leisure.


  • andrewcoplon

    Where can I see the final calculation value?

  • thaispreston

    This is not working on my form.

    I have the values populated under properties > surveying but when I make my selections they don't output.

    Do I need to add a field for them to output to? If so what element do i add.

  • marvinsombilon

    this is not working

  • bbrett

    Is there anyway for the calculation to copy the exact value of the calculation value instead of rounding up?

    e.g. I have a number 50.179 rounds up to 52.18, but I require it to be 52.179

  • liziana

    ola fiz tudo certinho coloquei os valores e não está funcionando.
    no campo calculo nao aparece nada

  • oqmeasures

    I'm looking to create values in which someone can choose three options for a price, with an additional 40 dollar charge for each item chosen after that. Can someone help me with that?

  • TalkNet

    Hi, can I read the values ​​in a spreadsheet from Google sheets instead of writing them in text form? So that they can be filled and modified automatically.
    Similarly: can I link a form text to a cell in a Google sheet spreadsheet to show a result based on what is completed in the form?
    Thank you

    Hola, puedo leer los valores de una hoja de calculo de Google sheets en lugar de escribirlos en forma de texto? De modo que se puedan llenar y modificar automáticamente.
    Del mismo modo: puedo vincular un texto del formulario a una celda de una hoja de calculo de Google sheet para mostrar un resultado en base a lo que se completo en el formulario?

  • Waisthealth

    How to add the quantity input option next to option

  • olovesz

    Can I add a decimal point in surveying. Forinstance if something is 1.50 How do I put that in surveying to collect that amount

  • chicuds

    I'm trying to display text instead of number values


    Drop Down list:


    IS this possible?

  • mgregov

    I'm trying to figure out how this whole calculation stuff works. Can someone help me

  • committee_forms

    I have a gate access form where people enter their toll way card number. Tollway card has 8 digits eg. 12345678 but I only need last five. Is there a way where read only field recognize last 5 digits (45678) and fill it automatically? Thanks

  • Jaime63

    I do not understand what the "Calculation value" is. So if a person is voting on a choice of one and there are five choices, do I assign the calcuation value of "1" to each of the five?

  • clearview22

    How do I add a negative calculation value (ex. -30)?

  • Dedydodiano

    How to calculate the marks

  • eligendo

    I would like to create a multiple calculation based on the entries chosen by the users, is that possible?

  • oppgraphics

    I'd like to store a value that would include line breaks. Is that possible? I've included in my value but that doesn't seem to work.

  • Ronak

    i am trying to pass dropdown menu email to email address field.

    how can I do it,
    in demo it does not show how to get value of selected drop down value.

  • accweb

    I only want 20 entries for each of the items listed in the drop down menu field. Each time an item has reached 20 entries, I want it to be removed from the list.

  • cairny

    Is there a way to hide an option value after 3 of such submissions? I am trying to do a volunteer form where in to allow only 3 volunteers to be able to pick a time-period.

  • Sungur

    how to add a price box?