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How to Assign Calculation Value

Last Update: August 27, 2017

Calculation value is generally used for calculations. It represents the numerical value of the text options. This is only available on radio button, checkbox and drop-down fields. To assign calculation value on these fields, follow these steps.

1) Select a field and click its gear icon to open the field properties.

2) Under Options tab, turn ON Add Calculation Values to show the table for the calculation values.

In the table, you'll see text options on the left side auto-filled with your field options. While the empty column on the right side is for the calculation values. 

You can enter each calculation value for every text option. It is also possible to paste values in the calculation value column like the following.

3) That's it. The changes are automatically saved.

Take note: For the dropdown field, the first option must be zero. This represents the first empty value of the dropdown field.


  • venco_80

    How to put in £,$,€ in front of the results and two digits after the amount?

  • CarrieByam

    How to?

  • echiu

    How do you assign a calculation value to a matrix?

  • deliverygurullc

    I need to populate the address fields of my form based on the corresponding drop down selection being chosen. Can this be done?

  • dasambo123


  • networkingsquare

    With the new changes in calculation value, when I select the value my dropdown picks the value one level below. For example _

    1 = a
    2 = b
    3 = c

    So when i select 2 it picks the value 3.

    Need help in this form. Please help

  • ProximaUT

    How can I make sure a user-specified value in an "Other" option is outputted?

  • daothitam92

    how to do that calculation? I tried many times but it didnt work.

    For example I have a field of DURATION (drop-down)with 3 options: "1 month", "2 months","3 months".

    I have the 2nd field which is FEE.

    I want when I pick "1 month" in DURATION then a value of "200$" will appear in the field of FEE.
    What should I do?

  • veshman

    Is there a way to format the checkbox responses so that multiple values result in each item on it's own line?

    Currently, with the checkbox, multiple values are separated with a comma - that is hard to read. It would be nice to have each checkboxed item show on a new line.

  • Sungur

    how to add a price box?

  • cairny

    Is there a way to hide an option value after 3 of such submissions? I am trying to do a volunteer form where in to allow only 3 volunteers to be able to pick a time-period.

  • accweb

    I only want 20 entries for each of the items listed in the drop down menu field. Each time an item has reached 20 entries, I want it to be removed from the list.

  • Ronak

    i am trying to pass dropdown menu email to email address field.

    how can I do it,
    in demo it does not show how to get value of selected drop down value.

  • oppgraphics

    I'd like to store a value that would include line breaks. Is that possible? I've included in my value but that doesn't seem to work.

  • eligendo

    I would like to create a multiple calculation based on the entries chosen by the users, is that possible?

  • Dedydodiano

    How to calculate the marks

  • clearview22

    How do I add a negative calculation value (ex. -30)?

  • Jaime63

    I do not understand what the "Calculation value" is. So if a person is voting on a choice of one and there are five choices, do I assign the calcuation value of "1" to each of the five?

  • committee_forms

    I have a gate access form where people enter their toll way card number. Tollway card has 8 digits eg. 12345678 but I only need last five. Is there a way where read only field recognize last 5 digits (45678) and fill it automatically? Thanks

  • mgregov

    I'm trying to figure out how this whole calculation stuff works. Can someone help me

  • chicuds

    I'm trying to display text instead of number values


    Drop Down list:


    IS this possible?

  • olovesz

    Can I add a decimal point in surveying. Forinstance if something is 1.50 How do I put that in surveying to collect that amount

  • Waisthealth

    How to add the quantity input option next to option

  • TalkNet

    Hi, can I read the values ​​in a spreadsheet from Google sheets instead of writing them in text form? So that they can be filled and modified automatically.
    Similarly: can I link a form text to a cell in a Google sheet spreadsheet to show a result based on what is completed in the form?
    Thank you

    Hola, puedo leer los valores de una hoja de calculo de Google sheets en lugar de escribirlos en forma de texto? De modo que se puedan llenar y modificar automáticamente.
    Del mismo modo: puedo vincular un texto del formulario a una celda de una hoja de calculo de Google sheet para mostrar un resultado en base a lo que se completo en el formulario?

  • oqmeasures

    I'm looking to create values in which someone can choose three options for a price, with an additional 40 dollar charge for each item chosen after that. Can someone help me with that?

  • liziana

    ola fiz tudo certinho coloquei os valores e não está funcionando.
    no campo calculo nao aparece nada

  • bbrett

    Is there anyway for the calculation to copy the exact value of the calculation value instead of rounding up?

    e.g. I have a number 50.179 rounds up to 52.18, but I require it to be 52.179

  • marvinsombilon

    this is not working

  • thaispreston

    This is not working on my form.

    I have the values populated under properties > surveying but when I make my selections they don't output.

    Do I need to add a field for them to output to? If so what element do i add.

  • andrewcoplon

    Where can I see the final calculation value?

  • Chris_VMS


    The new dropdown "add calculation value"style is REAL BAD! I'm unable to copy-paste entire rows of data from my spreadsheet! Having to do it one by one is impossible as I've a lot of data there!

    Please revert to the old notepad style or better make a switch for two input styles to be used at our leisure.


  • HPT765

    Hi there!

    Am trying to emulate the form in the sample - I do not want a Next option - both panels on same page - tks

  • KickUp

    Hi there,

    Looks like the Calculation values got a facelift UI and it's now very difficult to update them... Is there any way to bulk copy what's already in there?

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