Deprecated: Can I Keep Using Jotform v2?

September 23, 2021

Some users have told us they prefer the older version. At least until all bugs were sorted out on the new version. We respected that. That’s why we kept Jotform v2 alive for some time.

New registrations were closed but existing users could keep using Jotform 2.0. We kept it open as long as people kept using it.

You could even keep using both versions at the same time. As long as you did not edit the same form on both versions you should have been fine.

To keep using version 2, people were simply supposed to change the form source code on your site to point to “”.

When you were ready to completely switch to version 3, they would send us an e-mail and we migrated your forms to version 3.

Thank you for choosing Jotform!

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