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How to Create Payment Form with Purchase Order

How to Create Payment Form with Purchase Order

The PURCHASE ORDER payment tool allows you to create payment forms without payment vendor integration. In other words, no actual payments will be processed.

If you would like to sell your products or collect amounts and process the payment offline through check or wire transfer, use the Purchase Order payment field. Since no payment is required to submit the form, your form will work just like a normal form.

To add the Purchase Order field to your form, follow these steps:

1. In the FORM BUILDER, click the ADD FORM ELEMENT button on the left side of the page.

2. Add the PURCHASE ORDER field from the PAYMENTS tab.

3. Select your PAYMENT TYPE, whether you're selling products, subscriptions, collecting custom amount or collecting donations.

There are also optional features that you can enable/disable.

4. Let's create a product as an example. Continue to the next page to create a product. On the PRODUCTS tab, click CREATE NEW PRODUCT.

Then enter the product details. You can also add product options like quantity, size, color and etc.

5. That's it! You may now publish your form.

Here's an example form with Purchase Order

If you want to know more about Coupons, Shipping, Tax and Product Options, click them for the guides.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.

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  • quiltedheartstrings

    How do you delete the Paypal option and change it Purchase Order without losing all of my information of products? Because I have all my drop down options already established and don't want to have to re-enter all the information.

  • Godstime Ifovwe

    I have done what you just measured but is requesting for my merchants I'd so I need your help and support

  • homeremedy

    Hi there - how can I add a terms and conditions of sale element to a purchase order that the client can tick they agree?

  • annettedusa

    Great form, just what I was looking for!
    It would be nice to have the option to add more product descriptors, for example:
    I have a client who has different products and it would be nice to add the size of a sign, 7" x 10" and that it is made of metal, etc. I have those descriptors on the page that lists the product but it would be nice to show them on the order form so the customer could be assured they are ordering the right product.
    But other than that, it's just what I was looking for!

  • trinehart2920

    I get Client Authentication required. What am I doing wrong

  • tiffanyspronk

    Okay, thank you.....but is there a way to have a paypal payment button AND a purchase order button?

  • salmanzz

    Thanks for the reply. Problem is I cant add Multiple quantities of the same product. It is disabled for me. the size I can add. Any help?

  • salmanzz

    I am using purchase order form. I have added Quantity and sizes field. But is it possible customer can select multiple sizes and quantity for the same product?

    For example. if I want to buy Black Logo Tee Shirt, one S, one M, one L?

  • capt742000

    I am not a business person so bear with me please.
    If the example purchase order form above is used, what happens after it is submitted? How does the payment get to the business owner. Does a copy of the order get get printed and sent\mailed in with the payment?

  • thahanaleem

    How to to calculate each one and items every unit

  • Pegazo1

    We would like to include something similar to this, so that a donor can make a pledge without needing to enter their credit card number right then. However, under Payments, we have already chosen so that a donor can make a gift immediately; this means that Purchase Order is grayed out. We don't want to have one form just for pledges and the other form just for immediate gifts.

  • Allen Clement

    I like the Purchase order option but I would like to enter the cost of the item because it varies. Is that possible?

  • Jenschwab

    If I've already built a form with PayPal, can I switch it to a Purchase Order?