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How to include submissions as PDF attachment in the email notifications?

How to include submissions as PDF attachment in the email notifications?

UPDATE: We are excited to announce that we have just released the new version of JotForm PDF Editor. 

With JotForm, it is possible to attach submission PDF files to notification emails and track your submission data directly from your email inbox. However, if your submission data contains protected health information (PHI), this method may result in a HIPAA violation as most of the email services do not provide built-in encryption. To avoid this type of data breach, JotForm ask you to protect submission PDFs with a password if you want to receive them as attachment with your email notifications. Here is how to configure it:

1- While you are in the form builder, open “SETTINGS” from the top navigation.

2- Click the “EMAILS” tab on the left to configure the email settings for your form.

3- Hover on email notification or choose one if you have created more, to see the actions that can be done. Click on the pen icon to edit the desired email notification

4- On the configuration interface, click on the “ADVANCED” tab to navigate to advanced settings.

5- By default, the PDF Attachment option is set to “NO”. Switch it to “YES”.

6- For HIPAA accounts, PDF Attachments are allowed only if you provide a strong password. Your password must contain a minimum of 8 characters and it must be a mix of upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters. Please write the password you want to use.

7- Click on “Save” to save changes.

After you complete configuring your submission PDFs and protecting them with a password, you will be able to receive them in your email notifications. Here is a sample notification email for a HIPAA account:

Upon attempt to view the PDF, you will be asked to provide the password you defined in step 6. You can view it directly in your browser or download it to your computer and open it later. Whenever you try to view the PDF, you’ll be asked for the password you set during configuring your notification email.

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  • elitehomesvic

    Can you submit just the PDF and not as a downloadable attachment but instead of the sumbission form?


    We save the auto-PDF form attachments directly to Google Drive. It's a hassle to manually rename every attachment after it is moved to the correct folder. Is there any way to 'create' a specific file name for each submission in the same way you customize the email responder subject lines? If not, I recommend adding this feature if at all possible.

  • tania2473


    thanks but i was wanting to get a pdf in the same format that i created. We have a number of forms that when completed we need a copy for the review to see. The current format is a bit hard to read when you dont use them all the time.

  • Doglover

    Is there an option to convert a form created in Jotform to a fillable PDF file that can saved as a file on my computer then be sent via separate emails to clients?

  • newobjective

    Thanks for the detailed information on how to enable the attachment, it got me half way to my goal of being able to attach a PDF confirmation to the auto-response. But between step 7 and the last paragraph, the most important part is missing: How to create the PDF! Even a link to another page with the information would be helpful. :)