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How to Include Submissions as PDF Attachment in the Email Notifications

How to Include Submissions as PDF Attachment in the Email Notifications

Update: We are excited to announce that we have just released the new version of JotForm PDF Editor.

With JotForm, it is possible to attach submission PDF files to notification emails and track your submission data directly from your email inbox. However, if your submission data contains protected health information (PHI), this method may result in a HIPAA violation as most of the email services do not provide built-in encryption. To avoid this type of data breach, JotForm asks you to protect submission PDFs with a password if you want to receive them as an attachment with your email notifications. Here is how to configure it:

  1. While you are in the form builder, open Settings from the top navigation.
  2. Click the Emails tab on the left to configure the email settings for your form.
  3. Hover on email notification or choose one if you have created more, to see the actions that can be done. Click on the pen icon to edit the desired email notification.
  4. On the configuration interface, click on the Advanced tab to navigate to advanced settings.
  5. By default, the PDF Attachment option is disabled, set it to enabled.
    Email Notification PDF Attachment
    Email Notification PDF Attachment
  6. For HIPAA accounts, PDF Attachments are allowed only if you provide a strong password. Your password must contain a minimum of 8 characters and it must be a mix of upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters. Please write the password you want to use.
  7. Click on Save to save changes.
    Email Notification Enable PDF Password
    Email Notification Enable PDF Password

After you complete configuring your submission PDFs and protecting them with a password, you will be able to receive them in your email notifications. Here is a sample notification email for a HIPAA account:

Email Notification Sample PDF Attachment

Email Notification Sample PDF Attachment

Upon attempt to view the PDF, you will be asked to provide the password you defined in step 6. You can view it directly in your browser or download it to your computer and open it later. Whenever you try to view the PDF, you’ll be asked for the password you set during configuring your notification email.

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  • Ric_Steele

    Hi. I hope you can help me.

    I am looking to create a download link that the buyer receives after submitting their purchase form. My issue is that I have 3 different downloadable items for purchase. Say for example, I have items A, B and C. So, how to do I create an invoice or email that gives them their download link(s) for only item A or items A & B if that is what they purchased?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • primestudio

    All options are correctly checked but we still don't receive a PDF attachment to completed forms...

  • IhccInc

    It is very disappointing that now you can only choose "Default Document". Before you could select which tab in the PDF editor to attach. This allowed for different subsets of information to be output depending upon user selections. In other words, I could have an user choose A, B, or C in a question, then set up conditional formatting to send notification A, or B, or C in which each of those had a different pdf version attached to it.
    Now, that has been taken away and there is only one option, the Default Document. Why would you do that!!!!!

  • eaglevetstaff

    I am still not getting an PDF attachment on my submission emails.


    Does the Password Protected PDF as attached in the Autoresponder/Notification Email show also the PHI Protected (Removed for Privacy fields in the email notification screen cap as shown above) fields?

  • stradva

    I got the PDF but it captured only the field filled by the user, other elements in the form such as logo and other images are not displaying in the PDF.

  • username2481

    Please be aware that I've been using this feature for years, and it works *most* of the time, but arbitrarily there are times when the document is NOT attached to the notification email (for whatever reason). There is a bug!

  • jkeirn

    I have followed these exact instructions numerous times but when I test the form (or have others try it as well) the PDF is not attached to the autoresponder. When I go back into the settings, it has gone back to the default of "NO" on the PDF Attachment field, even though I clicked it to "YES" and saved the change. I have tried this probably 5-6 times and the same thing keeps happening.

  • Vishesh_Bansal

    Thank you so much! Works perfectly fine.

  • Aldergrove_Smiles

    Can I have the .pdf attach to the e-mail with the document named something specific? (including the date and name of the surveyer and document name?)

  • ABC_Forum

    Can I set conditional logic on sending PDF Attachment in the email notification?

  • LiverInstituteNW

    I created my forms by uploading a PDF form that I use in the office, and then populating it accordingly through JotForm's platform. When I receive the PDF attachment with the email, I am prompted to input a password which is great. However, the attachment that I open does not look like the form that I use - it has the information, but the format is not the same. I would like this PDF attachment to reflect the form that I am using, because changing the format of the final document creates added difficulty. Is there any way for the PDF that is sent in the email notification to reflect what my actual form looks like?

  • Jessy

    Rather than password protecting the PDF, is it possible to remove sensitive fields from the PDF sent with the email confirmation to the person who filled out the form? I want to make a form that includes all responses the person filled out except for one specific short text field. Thank you.

  • laclinicasc

    When I enable this option, the notification emails stop working altogether

  • aimhc

    Our PDFs are missing information or have extra information the respondent did not add. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • iLUX

    What if it is not HIPPA info

  • Puru Agrawal

    Is there an option to support user-specific passwords for the encrypted PDFs? We are sending a copy of the medical waiver formed signed by the client to each client, and ideally are not using the same password for each client. Therefore, at the time the email is sent, we would need some mechanism to supply the password for the client to whom the email is being sent.

    If this is not supported, what are the recommendations to get around this issue? Is there a way to allow the client to log into a portal using their own unique password and then give them access to specific PDFs?

  • gaole.elia

    I've already done all of this thing but most of the time the pdf is not sent and I can't see where the problem is

  • Amber Blackwell

    The problem we have with HIPAA enabled forms is that even though we can get the form as a password-protected PDF, the recipient of the submitted form must be logged into jotform in order to download any attachment that the sender (patient) attaches. For example, we have a form asking patients to upload a copy of their referral. I have it set up so that submitted forms are emailed to my front desk staff.

    When they open the pdf and use the password, they still can’t access the uploaded referral.

    Any thoughts/suggestions/workarounds?

  • therefund.dh

    For some reason my submission is not sending over a PDF with the email. I originally created the online form by importing a fillable pdf to start off with but i have disconnected all of the fields because I've changed fields on the online version of the form. So i don't want the original pdf attached to the email, instead i need just the online form version sent as an attachment to the email so that we can print and put into client folder.

  • hassanshahin

    I have subscribed to Silver (with HIPAA). When I chose Upload as attachement, It does not prompt me to enter a password. Any suggestions?

  • Tony Andrews

    Hi, I need to send a pdf of submitted form back to sender, so I have set up an autoresponder as instructed above. Your instruction screenshot at stage 5 is different to mine. Underneath the pdf yes/no button on my screen it says "Select PDF Documents you would like to attach to the email." Not "Recipients can get a PDF attachment…"
    When I click to Yes, a tick box appears saying "New Document". The link to the right of that opens your PDF Editor.
    I just want to send a pdf of the submitted form please. Thanks

  • arche_sta

    Hi, I have 4 questions :
    1- What's the difference between the option "Send Uploads as Attachment" and "PDF Attachment" ? I don't see what the first one does
    2- I've activated the "PDF Attachment" option but now I receive in my notifications 2 forms (one with the data information, the other one without) even if only one is listed in my parameters
    3- If I customize the PDF automatically created "New Document 1" can I hide/delete some information without hiding/deleting them in the form ? (for example some text information that should only appears to the user with some conditions), because that makes my PDF document very long, but I only need in it some information
    4- in my forms list, only one has an "Edit PDF form" option when cliking on "Modifier le formulaire", the other not. Why ?
    Thank you

  • WSWellness

    Is there a way to disable the password requirement on the PDF once received via email? For example, once it's on office hardware/ computers, removing the password so each time it's clicked, a password is NO LONGER necessary ??

  • AJ

    This add-on is a HUGE game changer for me! Is it, or will it be possible to preview what the PDF email attachment will look like before the person completing the form hits submit?

  • dcattell

    Can a completed form being returned have an attachment added by person completing the form? Example, statement of need/accommodation supporting application

  • IntownLactation

    This is AWESOME! Helps our workflow tremendously. Thank you!


    How do you include the option to receive the PDF version of the submission in the form itself? Or is it automatic once you toggle the option on?

  • OikonomosCPAs

    I'm testing out the software, so am currently on the free plan. I don't see the option on the Email tab to receive the submission as a PDF attachment. Is this only available in the paid accounts? And, if so, at what level paid account does this become available?

  • elitehomesvic

    Can you submit just the PDF and not as a downloadable attachment but instead of the sumbission form?


    We save the auto-PDF form attachments directly to Google Drive. It's a hassle to manually rename every attachment after it is moved to the correct folder. Is there any way to 'create' a specific file name for each submission in the same way you customize the email responder subject lines? If not, I recommend adding this feature if at all possible.

  • tania2473


    thanks but i was wanting to get a pdf in the same format that i created. We have a number of forms that when completed we need a copy for the review to see. The current format is a bit hard to read when you dont use them all the time.

  • Doglover

    Is there an option to convert a form created in Jotform to a fillable PDF file that can saved as a file on my computer then be sent via separate emails to clients?

  • newobjective

    Thanks for the detailed information on how to enable the attachment, it got me half way to my goal of being able to attach a PDF confirmation to the auto-response. But between step 7 and the last paragraph, the most important part is missing: How to create the PDF! Even a link to another page with the information would be helpful. :)