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Employee Task List Template

Assign tasks to your employees and monitor progress with a free Employee Task List Template. Easy to customize. Available in spreadsheet or calendar view.

Human Resources

Prioritized Daily Task List

Prioritize your tasks with an online Prioritized Daily Task list. Switch between spreadsheet, calendar, or card view. Customize and update on any device.

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Task Tracker

Stay on track with your tasks using our free online Task Tracker. View info in the calendar or spreadsheet format. Easy to customize, download, and share.

Task List Templates

Project Task List Template

Manage your work tasks in a professional online spreadsheet. Auto-populates via a shareable online form. View in spreadsheet, card, or calendar format.

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Daily Task List Template

Track daily tasks with this free online spreadsheet. Easy to view and fill out on any device. Customize, download, share, and print in seconds. No coding.

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Yearly Lesson Plan Template

Create and track your yearly lesson plan with Jotform. Great for teachers and professors. View information in a spreadsheet or calendar. Customize without coding.


Task Checklist Template

Keep track of your tasks with this free task checklist template. Easy to customize and share. Works great on any device. No coding required.

Checklist Templates

Information Request Tracker

Store and manage information requests easily and online. Use advanced filtering and labeling capabilities. Customizable without coding.

Task List Templates

IT Service Request Tracker

Store and manage IT requests to better manage your tasks. Don’t miss any important task. Customizable and free. Accessible on all devices.

Task List Templates

Personal Study Plan Template

Keep track of your educational milestones with a personal study plan. Easy to customize and share. Great for schools or educational programs. Store data.


About Task List Templates

Whether you’re monitoring tasks at work or in your personal life, Jotform’s selection of online Task List Templates can help you prioritize tasks, mark their completion status, and keep track of important information like contact details, file uploads, and more! Once you’ve chosen a task list template and added your tasks through the attached online form, manually by hand, or by uploading a CSV or Excel file, you can easily view and manage your tasks from any device.

Don’t see a template that suits your specific needs? Quickly customize one with Jotform’s user-friendly interface — update the layout, add color-coded labels, and use extra tabs to organize tasks into separate groups. You can also work together with teammates using Jotform Tables’ sharing feature, download your task list as a CSV or PDF file, and even switch between spreadsheet, card, or calendar view to see your Task List Template in a way that works best for you!