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Weekly To Do List Template

Track weekly employee tasks with this free online spreadsheet. Customize in seconds. Works on any device. Easy to download, print, and share. No coding.

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Daily To Do List Template

Keep track of daily action items with this free online spreadsheet. Easy to share with team members. Customize, download, and print with ease. No coding.

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Yearly Lesson Plan Template

Create and track your yearly lesson plan with Jotform. Great for teachers and professors. View information in a spreadsheet or calendar. Customize without coding.


Prioritized To Do List Template

Keep track of urgent action items with this free online spreadsheet. Perfect for teams or individual use. Easy to customize and share. No coding required.

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Things To Do List Template

Keep track of your tasks and to-dos with this free online table. No coding required. View in spreadsheet or calendar format.

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About To Do List Templates

They say subtracting from your list of priorities is just as important as adding to it — and with Jotform’s To-Do List Templates, you can easily do both. To get started, all you have to do is select one of the free templates below and add your tasks to the table manually, enter them through the attached form, or import existing data from a CSV or Excel file. You can then monitor your tasks seamlessly on any device, and even share your to-do lists with team members in your company or organization!

Want to customize your chosen To-Do List Template? Choose from preset column types, add formulas and calculations without any coding, and create color-coded labels for a personal touch. With multiple view types, you can select a spreadsheet view to see all of your tasks in a list, opt for card view to hone in on the details of a specific task, or switch to calendar view to see due dates more clearly. Whether you’re managing tasks at work or at home, you can create a collaborative online task table with Jotform’s free To-Do List Templates.