How can I have a notification on each subscription and validate or not the form?

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    Asked on September 01, 2016 at 10:07 AM
    3. how can I have a notification on each subscription and validate or not the form ?
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    Answered on September 01, 2016 at 10:46 AM

    To have an email notification set up on your form, you can follow this guide:

    Based on your description, I understand you would like to have an approval workflow - where your users submit your form, and you review their submission. Our system is designed as such that when your users submit a form, whether it is accepted or not, it will show up in your submissions page:

    You can set up an approval workflow, and use an edit link to review their submission, but the submission will show up in your submissions page whether it is accepted or declined.

    To set up the approval, please take a look at the solution offered in the following support thread:

    As described there, your form should first have a form field where you will be entering its approved/rejected status. This is usually hidden inside a Form Collapse tool, with conditional logic applied to display this area only when you enter your "access key" to expand the Form Collapse.

    After your form is built in such a way, you will need to use the Edit Link from your email notification to edit submissions you are receiving. When you edit your submissions, simply change the status in your admin area to either approved or rejected. Again, note that this will still include all the submissions in your submissions page.

    From your other questions, you may only be looking to combat spam / fake entries, for which you can simply use the Email Validator widget to validate that the email address entered on your form is actually owned by the person that is submitting your form:

    I hope this helps.