I would like to add fields to a form already submitted

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    Asked on September 15, 2016 at 07:45 PM

    I recently received a response for this question, however, it doesn't work.

    1) When I add the information, the entire address is not highlighted blue and I cannot click on the link

    2) When I copy and paste the url, I receive an error message.

    I already edited the original form with the new fields. I am using that form ID. Is this correct?

    I am copying the response that was sent to me in this email below:


    A new response has been received:
    Answered by david 


    If you would like to send the same form to users to update their previous submission data with the new fields, you would need to send them the edit link for their specific submission.  You can manually create the edit link, just follow these steps: 

    1. Use this URL: http://submit.jotform.co/form.php?formID=

    2.  Add to the URL your form ID, the string of number that is at the end of your form URL.

    So, now the URL will be this way: http://submit.jotform.co/form.php?formID=40687123456789

    3. Then add to the URL the this part: &sid=

    So, it becomes this way: http://submit.jotform.co/form.php?formID=40687123456789&sid=

    4. After, that look for the submission of your form users in the Submission page of your form. Once you find it copy the ID and paste it after the URL:

    The URL will become like this: 


    4. Then, add this part to the URL &mode=edit

    And the URL will become this way: http://submit.jotform.co/form.php?formID=40687123456789&sid=12345678900&mode=edit

    Make sure to replace the current form and submission IDs (false ID) by your form ID.

    Finally you will be able to share the whole URL to your form users so that they can edit their information.

    There is no way to do this automatically for old submissions.

    For new submissions, you can include the edit link in your email autoresponder:


    This will send a pre-made edit link with each submission so you do not have to recreate them manually later.


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    Answered on September 15, 2016 at 10:41 PM

    If you would just like your users to edit the existing submission with the new fields, then you can just create an edit link for them.

    Here are the steps:

    1. Get the submission ID of a specific submission that you want your user to update. You can find it under the submissions page:


    2. Now simply use this edit link format:

    https://www.jotform.com/edit/{submission id}


    3. Replace the {submission id} with the actual submission ID from your submissions. Here's an example: https://www.jotform.com/edit/349802403874489347 


    Now the online form will be loaded when that edit link is opened, any changes on the form like additional new fields will actually show up on that edit link because it's loading the same online form.


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