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Employee Travel Management App

An employee travel management app is used by HR departments for managing employee travel requests. With this readymade Employee Travel Management App, employees can request personal time off for vacation, or seek authorization for company-related business travel. Data from both forms automatically syncs to a color-coded Travel Tracker spreadsheet in your secure Jotform account, so you can easily keep track of employee travel type, business expenses, and time off start and stop dates.Want to customize this app template to match your company’s branding? You don’t need any design or coding experience — just use our drag-and-drop app builder to add or change form elements, edit form text and fields, upload your logo, include documents and external links, and more. When you’re done, share the app with employees by sending email invites or embedding a link in an internal-use company portal, and employees can start filling out forms from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Create a custom all-in-one Employee Travel Management App to track employee travel details with this free app template from Jotform.

Company Portal Apps

Personal Finance Management App

Manage your personal finances with Jotform’s free Personal Finance Management App. This fully customizable mobile app includes a monthly expense form, budget tracker, bill record form, and bill payment log to help you stay on track when it comes to your finances. Once you’ve downloaded the app to your favorite, you can fill out your forms and view your logs at any time. All entries will be synced instantly and automatically, so you can keep all your important finance info in one easily accessible place.Customize your Personal Finance Management App without any coding. Jotform’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add forms, tables, links, documents, and other elements to your app. Then you can save your app onto any computer, tablet, or smartphone for easy access. Take control of your spending with a custom Personal Finance Management App!


Easy Mortgage App

With Jotform’s Easy Mortgage App, members of your mortgage loan company can collect client information in the field from their smartphone or tablet — no messy paperwork required! Once the app is downloaded onto each employee’s device, they can submit mortgage loan requests for new clients, help clients request deferrals, or accept formal mortgage loan applications online.Customizing this Easy Mortgage App is, well, easy. Just drag and drop to rearrange the design, add or remove forms, include your logo for a professional touch, and make other design changes with no coding. Share the app with a link to be saved to any device instantly, and your team will be ready to start collecting information through the Easy Mortgage App and storing it in your secure Jotform account.


Personal Budget App

Track your expenses and income in a free Personal Budget App from Jotform! The app includes a Monthly Spending Details Form where you can add your spending information to create a complete record of money you have earned and the items you have bought. All submissions through the app are stored securely in your Jotform account, on an easy to access Personal Budget spreadsheet on any device.Make changes to this free app template with our drag-and-drop builder. Update the app icon, background image, and add as many forms, links, documents, images, and buttons as you’d like. Once your app is looking great, download it onto your computer, smartphone or tablet to start collecting budget details instantly on the go. Save time and track your budget online with a free Personal Budget App.


Expense Report App

An expense report app is used by companies for keeping track of employee expenses. This free Expense Report App allows employees to log business expenses by filling out a form with general contact information, cost, description, date and time, and payment and expense type. There is also an upload form for employees to attach any relevant documents and receipts. Expense reports are immediately synced and stored securely in your account, and can be sorted, filtered, and exported from any device.Customize this app template in no time using Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder. You can easily add or swap out form elements, change text, customize your app icon and splash page, and more — no coding necessary. Share a link to your app in an email or embed it in your website, and employees can access and download it on any smartphone, tablet, or computer for future use. Keep track of all your employees’ business expenses with this Expense Report App.

Company Portal Apps

Simple Accounting App

Looking for an easy and convenient way to manage your accounting clients? With Jotform’s Simple Accounting App, you can create a bookkeeping app that works seamlessly for both you and your clients. Build your app from scratch or pick one of our ready-made app templates to spark your creativity. Add pricing information, contact forms, showcase past client reviews, and more.Customize your Simple Account App with Jotform’s easy-to-use app builder. Use our drag-and-drop app builder to change up the look and feel of your app, add powerful app elements, install helpful app widgets, and integrate with one of our 30+ payment processors, including Stripe and Square to collect fees and payments. Share your customized app via email or embed it directly into your own website. Help your clients reach their finance goals with your very own Simple Accounting App.

Company Portal Apps

Proposal App

Proposals are necessary for assuring clients that your construction services are the right fit for the job. Share and fill out your proposal forms in one place with our free Proposal App for construction companies and contractors. This ready-made app template includes a bid proposal form and job proposal form where users can enter client, contractor, and project details from any device. Since this app works with our Job Proposal PDF Template, form submissions will automatically turn into professional PDFs!Customizing your Proposal App only takes a few minutes with our drag-and-drop builder. Without any coding, you can create and add new forms, embed links to other pages, include images, and update app details such as name, icon, and splash page for a fully-custom design. When your app is ready to use, it can be downloaded from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Make a good impression on your clients with a professional and personalized Proposal App for your services!


Quick Credit Loan App

Need a quick credit loan app for your business? If your financial institution needs a quick and easy way for customers to apply for a loan to improve their credit, this free Quick Credit Loan App is a great place to start. You can use the app as-is or easily customize it to fit your needs — with no coding required.Add your logo and branding, update the loan application form, include your contact information, and make other design changes in seconds. You can even connect your app with other platforms — like Salesforce, HubSpot, or Zoho — to send new leads to your CRM platform automatically. Get loan applications fast with a Quick Credit Loan App from Jotform.


Bank Reconciliation App

Bank reconciliation is the process in which a bank account’s balance is reconciled to the amount reported by a financial institution according to the account’s most recent statement. To carry out this process in the easiest way possible, consider using Jotform to create a Bank Reconciliation App for internal use. Add forms to record new transactions, make detailed reports, and more! To share this app with others, simply link to it directly, share via QR code, or embed it in your online workspace.Need to make changes to how your Bank Reconciliation App looks? Just use our drag-and-drop app builder to do so. Upload personal branding assets, change fonts and colors, integrate with helpful payment or scheduling tools, edit letter text, and more depending on your needs. Make bank reconciliation easier for all parties with Jotform.


Energy Audit App

An energy audit app is used by auditors to perform energy inspections of buildings. With Jotform’s free Energy Audit App, your company can complete audits seamlessly on any device — making it easier than ever for your team to identify and address energy efficiency issues in the field. The app can be downloaded onto any device in a single click!Feel free to update the design of the app by creating and adding other online forms with our drag-and-drop builder, uploading your company logo, or making other changes with no coding. All information you collect is stored safely in your secure Jotform account. Make the switch from paper forms to online forms with the help of a free Energy Audit App for your team.


Reimbursement App

Give your HR department a more efficient way to reimburse employees with the help of this free Reimbursement App. The app already includes forms for expenses, travel expenses, and mileage, but you can customize the forms and app to better suit your needs with our drag-and-drop builder. No coding required!Feel free to add your company logo, update fonts and colors, and make other design changes in a few easy clicks. Once your Reimbursement App is ready to go, share it with a link for employees to download directly onto their iOS or Android smartphones — easy to access when submitting reimbursements. Streamline your HR processes and get organized with a customizable Reimbursement App.


Retirement Planning App

A retirement planning app is used by retirement planners to gather important information from their clients. With this ready-made Retirement Planning App, your business can quickly and efficiently collect contact details, payments, e-signatures, and more from any device. Simply customize the app and share it with a link or via social media to start collecting responses!Add your company logo and branding, update forms within the app, and change fonts and colors in seconds with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder — no coding knowledge required. You can include a retirement calculator for clients to use, plus your contact information so they can get in touch. Take your retirement services to the next level with a free Retirement Planning App that works great on any device.

Consulting Apps

Travelers Insurance App

A travelers insurance app is used by travel insurance companies to provide information for and collect important information from their clients. With this ready-made Travelers Insurance App, your company can start collecting insurance claims from your clients in just a few clicks! Simply update the app design to perfectly match your needs, then share it to be used seamlessly on any device.Make changes to the design with Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder — no coding required. Add your company branding, include intake forms or other types of forms, and add resources for your clients to access. Once the design is ready to go, your custom Travelers Insurance App is easy to share on social media, via email, or to be downloaded for iOS and Android.


About Finance App Templates

Whether you’re managing mortgages, proposals, or budgets, keep all of your financial details in one place with Jotform’s free Finance App Templates! All of the apps below can be instantly downloaded onto any device, so you can collect and track information from your smartphone, tablet, computer. Start by choosing an app template and customizing it to match your branding — then feel free to add or remove forms, include documents, and make other format changes with no coding. You don’t need a team of developers to build your own Finance App — do it in a few easy clicks with Jotform.