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Police Officer Report App

A police officer report app is used by members of law enforcement to report an incident or submit patrol reports. By entering important information like date, time, officer ID, and the people involved in the incident, your department can keep a thorough record of incidents with this free Police Officer Report App from Jotform! All reports are stored securely in your Jotform account and easy to view on any device.Make changes to this app fast with our drag-and-drop builder. Personalize the design by adding a new logo, including extra forms to gather additional details, and customizing other elements to meet your specific needs — then share the app with a link so it can be downloaded to each officer’s computer, tablet, or smartphone. Ditch paper forms and enjoy a faster, more secure way to file incident reports with this free Police Officer Report App.

Report Apps

Incident Reporting App

Reporting workplace incidents helps address safety hazards and prevent future accidents. Create a custom Incident Reporting App for your company with our free readymade template. This app features report forms for general incidents, fraud, and corrective and disciplinary actions. You’ll be able to customize and share your form with other managers or supervisors, who can then access, download, and interact with your app from any device. This Incident Reporting App is ready to use as if — but feel free to make modifications using our drag-and-drop interface. Without coding, you can add new report forms, update text, upload images, and change the name, icon, and splash page of your app. When it’s ready, you can access your app from any smartphone, tablet, or computer and share it with others via link. Make it easier to record, report, and respond to incidents at your workplace with a custom Incident Reporting App!

Report Apps

Expense Report App

An expense report app is used by companies for keeping track of employee expenses. This free Expense Report App allows employees to log business expenses by filling out a form with general contact information, cost, description, date and time, and payment and expense type. There is also an upload form for employees to attach any relevant documents and receipts. Expense reports are immediately synced and stored securely in your account, and can be sorted, filtered, and exported from any device.Customize this app template in no time using Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder. You can easily add or swap out form elements, change text, customize your app icon and splash page, and more — no coding necessary. Share a link to your app in an email or embed it in your website, and employees can access and download it on any smartphone, tablet, or computer for future use. Keep track of all your employees’ business expenses with this Expense Report App.

Company Portal Apps

Field Reporting App

A field reporting app can be used by any company that completes field reports. With this free Field Reporting App from Jotform, your employees can complete their reports directly from their smartphone or tablet! No more messy paper forms — instantly collect information online and save it to your secure Jotform account, ready to access on any device.Need to make changes to this app template? Drag and drop to get the look you want. You can upload your logo, change existing forms or add new ones, and make other design changes with no coding required. Once your custom Field Reporting App is ready to go, share it with a link to be downloaded instantly onto any iOS or Android device.

Booking Apps

Daily Report App

A daily report app is used by employers to track shift reports, hours worked, and other types of job reports. If you need a more efficient way to collect and manage reports, do it with this ready-made Daily Report App. Simply customize the app if you need to and share it with your employees to download onto their smartphone, tablet, or computer.Customizing this Daily Report App is easy. Jotform’s drag-and-drop app builder lets you add your logo, update forms, change the app background and icon, and make other design changes with no coding required. And if you want to send reports to other platforms, you can do it automatically with 100+ form integrations.

Human Resources

Officer Reports App

An officer reports app is used by security companies to track and manage reports from their security officers. Downloadable on any device, this free Officer Reports App from Jotform makes it easy for officers to report security incidents, submit a patrol report, or complete a daily shift form. As the company manager or owner, you can then view their submission securely from your online Jotform account.Need to customize this app’s template? Drag and drop to include more forms or spreadsheets, personalize visual elements like the icon or splash screen, and make other changes with no coding. Submissions are protected with Jotform’s advanced security features, so you can rest easy knowing your data is kept safe. Save time by switching from paper forms to online forms with this free Officer Reports App.

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Safety Audit App

A safety audit app is used by safety auditors to perform safety inspections from their mobile devices. Have members of your inspection team perform audits without any messy paperwork using this free Safety Audit App. The app can be downloaded onto any computer, tablet, or smartphone to gather important data in the field — such as checks for fire prevention, equipment, first aid, and more.Customize this app template’s design without coding using our drag-and-drop app builder. Update items on your inspection checklist, include your company logo, change the app icon or background, and make other changes in seconds. You can then share the app via link or email to be downloaded onto iOS or Android devices. Save time and paper performing safety checks with a free Safety Audit App from Jotform.


Political Canvassing App

A political canvassing app is used by political parties and candidates for collecting voter information during elections. This free Political Canvassing App from Jotform includes three forms: a Political Canvassing Debriefing Form for tracking voter information, a Political Survey for gauging voters’ political views, and a Political Poll to to learn where voters stand on the current administration and their strategies. Results are instantly synced and compiled in your secure Jotform account.This app template is ready-made and requires no coding, but customizing is easy with our drag-and-drop form builder. You can add or swap out form elements, change poll and survey questions, choose fonts and colors, upload your campaign’s logo, and more. You can also personalize your app’s splash screen by adding images, contact information, and any other relevant campaign information. When you’re finished, share a link to your app on your website or social media, or attach it to a newsletter or mailing list, where it can be accessed and downloaded on any device. Empower your campaign with voter surveys and polls using this fully-customizable Political Canvassing App.

Report Apps

Environmental Inspection App

An environmental inspection app is used by government agencies and other environmental organizations to conduct inspections from their mobile devices. With Jotform’s free Environmental Inspection App, your agency can switch from paper forms to online forms to reduce messy paperwork and create a secure database of all your inspection information. Just customize and share the app to download it onto any device — no coding required!Customize the app design with our drag-and-drop no-code builder. Choose a new app icon and splash screen, add or remove forms, include your unique logo, and make other changes in seconds. You can then send your personalized Environmental Inspection App to your teammates with a copy-paste link that they can use to download the app onto their iOS or Android device.

Checklist Apps

Contract App

A contract app is used by contractors to manage contract status, contract content, and approval status. Contractors can download this ready-made Contract App on any device and record details such as customer contact information, job request description and status, cost estimate, and more. This app template comes bundled with a Contract Approval Form as well as an easy-to-read Contractor Estimate Table for keeping track of contract details in one secure location.Want to make changes to this app template? No problem — just use Jotform’s drag-and-drop app builder to add form elements, edit text fields and checklist items, choose fonts and colors, upload your brand’s unique logo, install widgets and templates, and much more. Once you’re finished, share your custom app with employees by sending email invites or the app link, and they can begin filing contracts right away. Create a mobile-friendly Contract App for documenting and fulfilling job requests with this free app template from Jotform.


Traffic Accident App

A traffic accident app is used by private citizens to record the details of a traffic accident to give to the police. This free Traffic Accident App contains a form where drivers can take down general contact information for both parties, describe any bodily injuries or vehicular damage, draw a diagram of the accident site, and provide a digital signature. There is also space to add any witnesses who may have been on the scene.Need to change a few things? Using our drag-and-drop interface, you can easily add forms and text, choose fonts and colors, upload images, and more — all with no coding. Accident reports are stored securely in your online account and can be accessed on any device to share with the police. You can even share your report via link or attach it to an email. Provide a thorough description of a traffic accident this fully customizable Traffic Accident App.

Report Apps

Law Firm App

Need an efficient way to manage your law firm? Keep track of your associates and fellows, manage your case documents, review client forms, and more with our Law Firm App – free from Jotform. With your custom app, you’ll be able to receive and manage all types of internal information. All your data will be stored on your Jotform account in one accessible place – go paperless and manage your firm in a centralized place. Want to give your Law Firm App a professional, polished touch? Jotform’s no-code drag-and-drop app builder allows you to customize your app just the way you want. Use your logo or pick an app icon and background image that represents your firm the best. Your lawyers can access the app through direct messaging, email, or via a scannable QR code. Relieve some of your daily stress and try Jotform’s free Law Firm App today.

Management Apps

Quotation Management App

Create and manage quotes for your customers using Jotform’s free Quotation Management App for sales teams. This fully customizable mobile app includes a client questionnaire and a quotation log that syncs to our Simple CRM template. You and other members of your sales team can download and use the app on any computer, tablet, or smartphone to fill out the attached forms or view data in the tables. Customize this Quotation Management App for your business in just a couple of clicks. No coding is necessary — just drag and drop to customize the look and feel of your app. You can easily add forms, tables, links, documents, images, logos, and much more. Then share your mobile with others via the app link or by sending email invites. Make it easier to generate and track customer quotes with a custom Quotation Management App for your sales team.

Management Apps

Investigation App

An investigation app is used by police officers and crime scene investigators to log important crime scene details. Investigators can create CSI reports documenting important case details such as dates, witnesses, addresses, and items found. A separate police report form allows officers to log their name and ID, incident dates and times, location, people involved, and any additional relevant information. Officers can also upload images and documents and sign off on reports using an e-signature form. All submissions are stored in your secure Jotform account.Customize this app template to meet your department’s individual needs with Jotform’s no-code app builder. Simply drag and drop to create additional forms, edit text fields and checklist items, install widgets and integrations, and much more without any coding knowledge. Share your custom Investigation App with CSI investigators and police officers by sending email invites or embedding it in an internal website, where it can be accessed and downloaded on any device. Create secure online crime scene reports with a free Investigation App from Jotform.

Inspection Apps

Criminal Records App

A criminal records app is used by companies and HR departments to perform background checks on new job applicants. This free Criminal Records App by Jotform includes both a fingerprint and security clearance consent form. Job applicants can fill out general contact information, answer criminal background questions, upload photos of their IDs, and provide a consent and authorization signature. There is also a place for parents and guardians to sign if the applicant is under 18.Need to customize this Criminal Records App? With our drag-and-drop form builder, you can easily swap out forms, change fonts and colors, upload images, and more — no coding required. Afterwards, just send job applicants a link to your app and have them access or download it on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Streamline background checks for new hires with this customizable Criminal Records App.

Report Apps

Accident Reporting App

Make it easier for members of your community to report accidents as they occur. Our free Accident Reporting App for police departments lets users submit witness accounts and incident details from any device. Witnesses can download the app to their smartphone, tablet, or computer and fill out the reporting form from anywhere. As account owner, you’ll receive submissions instantly so your police team can respond to incidents as soon as possible. Modify this Accident Reporting App to meet your department requirements in just a few clicks. Without coding, you can easily create and add new forms, include text and images, embed links, and update app details such as icon and name. When it’s ready, you can add the app link to your department website for people to access and download on their devices. Respond to and resolve incidents quickly with a custom, easy-to-use Accident Reporting App.

Report Apps

Farm Sprayer App

A farm sprayer app is used by farmers, agricultural applicators, orchard applicators, crop advisers and growers for keeping records of farm pesticide sprays. Our Farm Sprayer App comes with a Spray Records Checklist Form, which makes it easy for farm workers to keep detailed records of spray locations, pesticide amount, date, time of application, wind conditions, and more. Users can also calculate the cost per acre, sign off on farm spray reports using an e-signature form, and collect farm and land survey data with an included Agricultural Survey Form.This ready-made app template can be customized to your liking with Jotform’s no-code app builder. Simply drag and drop to add or change form elements, edit text fields and checklist items, create additional forms, update your app’s splash screen and icon, and more. You can even add your own branding with just a few clicks. When you’re finished making changes, share your app with other farm workers by sending email invites or the app link. Users can then download your app on any device and start filling out reports right away. Submissions are instantly synced and stored in your Jotform account for ease of access. Record and manage your farm’s pesticide spray data from a single convenient location with Jotform’s Farm Sprayer App.

Checklist Apps

Fire Alarm Report App

A fire alarm report app allows fire inspectors to conduct inspections and submit reports from any device. Get a head start creating your own mobile app with our free Fire Alarm Report App for fire inspectors. This fully customizable app template includes a fire alarm inspection form and risk assessment form that can easily be filled out from any smartphone or tablet. Submitted reports will be safe and sound in your Jotform account and can even be turned into secure PDFs automatically.Without any coding, you can update this Fire Alarm Report App to meet your fire department’s needs. To customize the template, simply drag and drop to add or remove forms, include links to tables or external websites, change text and images, and modify app settings. When your app is ready to be used, download it onto your preferred device or share it with other fire inspectors via the app link.

Inspection Apps

Construction Safety App

A construction safety app is a mobile application used by construction companies to help their employees report incidents, track job sites, fill out safety checklists, and more. With a free Construction Safety App template from Jotform Apps, you can consolidate your safety processes and collect incident reports in a matter of minutes from any job site. Choose the template that best suits your needs, customize it to your liking, and share it via link, email, or QR code.With our drag-and-drop app builder, you can add your logo, change fonts and colors, rearrange app elements, and make other design changes in just a few clicks — all without any coding. Once your custom app is ready to go, you can integrate with 150+ popular integrations to manage your data, like Google Sheets, Slack, or Asana. Make safety your number one priority with a free Construction Safety App from Jotform.

Company Portal Apps

Lighting Audit App

Looking to conduct paperless lighting audits? Jotform’s free Lighting Audit App allows auditors to create audit reports from any device by filling out their name, date, and the facility name and location. Auditors can then make note of existing features, wattage, quantity, interior/exterior lights, and leave additional notes at the bottom if necessary. Reports are instantly synced and stored in your secure Jotform account, where you can review and share them with others in your organization.You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to customize this Lighting Audit App. With Jotform’s no-code app builder, simply drag and drop to add or change form fields and checklist items, install helpful widgets and integrations, add your business’ unique branding, and much more. Share your custom app by sending email invites or the app link, or by embedding it in an internal website. Auditors can then download your app and conduct on-site lighting audits from any smartphone or tablet.

Inspection Apps

Soil Sampling App

A soil sampling app allows you to collect and assess soil sampling data from any device. Whether you’re a soil engineer, environmental consultant, or contractor, make your data collection process mobile with a custom Soil Sampling App that works on the go. This free mobile app template includes a fillable soil sample information form that can be accessed on any mobile device or computer, so you can fill it out whenever you need to. Entries will be auto-synced to your secure Jotform account, where you can turn them into visual reports or view them in an inbox or table. This Soil Sampling App is ready for you to start using, but if you need something more, feel free to customize it with our drag-and-drop builder. No coding necessary — in just a few clicks, you can add forms, tables, links, documents, data grids, buttons, pages, and other app elements. When you’re satisfied with the app design, download it onto your preferred device to begin using it in the field. You can even share it with other soil inspectors by sending the app link or email invitations. Collect and record soil sampling information no matter where you are with a Soil Sampling App that works wherever you do.

Report Apps

Supervisor App

Create a custom app for supervisors within your company using this free Supervisor App. It already includes visitor forms, request forms, and report forms, but you’re free to add any other forms your supervisors need to fill out. Once you’ve customized your app to your liking — with no coding knowledge needed — share it to be downloaded onto any computer or iOS or Android device.Customizing this Supervisor App template is easy. Drag and drop to add forms, update the app icon and background, create multiple app pages, and make other design changes in seconds. You can then share your app with supervisors via email for them to download onto any device. All submissions sent through your custom Supervisor App are stored securely in your Jotform account, ready to view instantly online.

Management Apps

Tree Service App

A Tree Service App allows tree managers or municipal public services agencies to mark the locations of trees that need pruning or removal if they are a hazard to residents or nearby structures if they fall. This readymade app template contains a Hazardous Tree Report Form for logging a tree’s species, root health, wounds, dead branches, and other defects. Inspectors can also attach photos using an image upload form. A separate Damaged Equipment Form is for recording any damage done to a piece of equipment assigned to or borrowed by employees during tree removal.Simply drag and drop to fully customize this app template to your liking. You can add form elements, edit text fields and checklist items, include contact information on your app’s main page, upload your own branding, and more — all without any coding. Then share your app with others by sending email invites or embedding the app link in an internal website. Go paperless and keep detailed online reports of municipal tree conditions with this Tree Service App that works on any device.

Report Apps

Crime Reporting App

A crime reporting app is a mobile app used to collect and log crime incidents. Whether you belong to a law enforcement agency or a private security company, this free Crime Reporting App can be used by your team to log crime reports and upload supporting documents with ease. You can even add it to your website or social media bio to collect crime reports directly from the public.Need to make changes to this app? Drag and drop to get the design you need with our easy-to-use app builder. No coding required! With 250+ integrations, you can also seamlessly connect your app to other platforms to automatically send submissions to your other accounts. Save time and improve your team’s efficiency with a free Crime Reporting App from Jotform.

Report Apps

About Report App Templates

From expense reports to incident reports, collect, track, and respond to reports from any device with Jotform’s free Report App Templates. Select one of the app templates below to customize with our drag-and-drop builder. Without coding, you can add or remove forms, update text and images, embed links, and change app settings. Download your report app onto your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, or share the app on your website for users to save onto their own devices. Submitted reports will be stored in your secure Jotform account, ready to view, approve, turn into PDFs, and send to others in your department.