Finance App Templates

9 Templates

Whether you’re managing mortgages, proposals, or budgets, keep all of your financial details in one place with Jotform’s free Finance App Templates! All of the apps below can be instantly downloaded onto any device, so you can collect and track information from your smartphone, tablet, computer. Start by choosing an app template and customizing it to match your branding — then feel free to add or remove forms, include documents, and make other format changes with no coding. You don’t need a team of developers to build your own Finance App — do it in a few easy clicks with Jotform.

Employee Travel Management App

Build a custom app to collect and manage employee travel details. Authorize travel and track expenses from a single app. Download on any device. No coding.


Easy Mortgage App

Collect mortgage loan applications, deferral requests, and other loan requests through a powerful free mortgage app. Download onto any device. Store data securely.


Personal Finance Management App

Manage your personal finances from any device. Free customizable mobile app. Easy to fill out. Download on your computer or smartphone. No coding.

Management Apps

Personal Budget App

Keep track of your income and personal budget in a free app. Easy drag-and-drop customization. Create a custom app with no coding. Download onto any device.


Expense Report App

Create an app for employees to report and track business expenses. Includes upload form for attaching receipts. Download on any device. No coding.


Proposal App

Build a custom app to share and fill out your proposal forms. Great for contractors and construction companies. Download on any device. No coding.


Energy Audit App

Perform energy audits from any device. Great for collecting data in the field. Download onto your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Customize without coding.


Simple Accounting App

Create your own accounting app today. No coding knowledge required. Drag and drop to customize. Works on any device — iOS and Android compatible. Embed to share.