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Keep track of anything in a free app with Jotform’s Tracker App Templates. Whether you’re tracking tasks, habits, visitor sign ins, or other information, do it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer with no need for messy paperwork. Start by selecting a tracker app template below and customizing it with our drag-and-drop app builder in seconds. You can then download your app onto your device — or share it with others — to start tracking information instantly. Upgrade from messy paperwork and track stuff online with a free, fully-customizable Tracker App.

Employee Absence Tracking App

Keep track of employee absences in a free app. Download onto any device in seconds. Easy to customize to match your needs and branding. No coding required.

Human Resources

Visitor Sign In App

Collect visitor sign-in details on any device. Switch from paper forms to online forms to save time and get organized. Free and easy to customize. No coding needed.

Management Apps

Task Tracker App

Track task details with a free app. Downloads instantly onto any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Customize in seconds with no coding. Store data securely.

Tracker Apps

Assignment Tracking App

Create a custom app for your classroom in seconds. Record and compile student assignments, test scores, and evaluations. Works on any device. No coding.

Tracker Apps

Mood Tracker App

Create your own mood tracker app without any coding. Submit and manage entries from any device. Easy to customize, fill out, and share.


Sales Tracking App

Track sales from any device with a custom mobile app for your company. Free customizable app template. Get new leads and tasks. Sync to your CRM. No coding.

Tracker Apps

Employee Onboarding App

Make a mobile app for employee onboarding without coding. Customize for your company. Drag-and-drop builder. Easy to publish and share. Download on any device.

Management Apps

IT Ticketing App

Create an app for employees to create support tickets for IT issues. Easy to customize. Downloadable on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. No coding.

Log Apps

Track Nutrition App

Track your nutrition from any device. Free mobile app template. Easy to customize and download. Add forms, logs, pages, links, and more. No coding.


Project Tracker App

Track project details with a free app. Customize to match your needs with no coding. Choose a custom icon and splash screen. Download onto any device instantly.

Tracker Apps

Client Record App

Create an app to maintain a database of new and existing business clients. Easy to customize and share. Download on any device. No coding required.

Tracker Apps

 Vehicle Mileage Tracker App

Keep track of vehicle business expenses with your own app. Easy to customize and share online. Access and download on any device. No coding.

Tracker Apps

Recurring Tasks App

Keep track of tasks for work, school, or home. Easy-to-customize app. Mobile friendly and works on any device. Update the app design with no coding needed.

Tracker Apps

Time Tracker App

Keep time of employee hours and tasks in a free app. Easy to customize. No coding required. Download onto any mobile device. Works for both iOS and Android.

Management Apps

Wedding Planning App

Plan your big event with a free mobile app. Great for couples or professional wedding planners. Easy to customize with our drag-and-drop app builder. No coding.


Photo Release App

Create an app for your model agency or photography studio. Get model release forms signed fast. Easy to customize, download, and share. Works on any device.

Tracker Apps

Serial Number Tracking App

Record serial numbers to keep track of office equipment. Easy to customize and share. Downloadable on smartphone, tablet, or computer. No coding.

Tracker Apps

Priority List App

Create a free priority list app for employee teams to add and prioritize tasks. Easy to share. Download on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. No coding.

Tracker Apps

Daycare App

Track attendance records, emergency contact details, and more for your daycare center. Free downloadable app. Works on any device. Customize without coding.


Habit Tracker App

Keep track of habits in a free app. Easy to customize. No coding knowledge needed. Download onto any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Works for iOS or Android.

Tracker Apps

Vaccine Tracker App

Collect and manage vaccine information for your employees. Gather proof of vaccination, exemption requests, and more. Free app. Downloadable on any device.

Tracker Apps

Driver Dispatch App

Keep track of trip details in a free downloadable app. Great for taxi companies and other transportation services. Download onto any iOS or Android device.

Tracker Apps

Calorie Counter App

Meet your weight goals and improve your health. Track calorie intake on any device. Free customizable app template. Add forms, text, links, and more. No coding.


Toy Tracker App

Track toys in your preschool or daycare. Free app for teachers and childcare workers. Easy to customize. Works on any device. No coding. Download instantly.