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Win a custom design card deck with TemplateMonster

Win a Deck of Custom Web Design Playing Cards from TemplateMonster

(JotForm is pleased to share this exciting offer from our friends at TemplateMonster)

Back in 2004, websites looked cluttered. Pale color schemes, starburst effects, all-flash sites, patterns and textures, were in the highest demand among web developers. This has changed a lot over the years. Clean and minimalist layouts with the main focus on detail, has gained popularity in recent years. Today, heavy design elements have been replaced with neat icons that add an elegant, stylish look to web pages.

Template Monster Card Deck Quiz

Articles about web design trends abound over the years. However, it's not as easy to find what was popular over time. Back in January TemplateMonster released an interactive infographic highlighting the best (and worst) of design fads. It's fun to see what was hip in web design from 2004 to 2015.

Web Design in 2004

Now they've turned their web design infographic into a stunningly designed, deck of playing cards. It's a full 52 card deck, each featuring a popular web design trend. Its beautiful and unique prints would look great in your home or office, and be an intriguing conversation piece. Learn the history of web design while playing your favorite card game. Each card features an image and a brief description of a once popular design trend. How do you get a custom made deck of your own?

Sample TemplateMonster Web Design Card

How to Win a Deck of Web Design Playing Cards?

For one week only, you can get a deck of web design playing cards for FREE. Here's how:

  • Follow this link to the main page of web design trends Infographic. Take and pass the quiz! Test your knowledge of the history of web design. There are just seven easy questions.

  • Once you complete the test, share your results on social networks. This increases your chances of winning. Spread the news on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

  • The contest starts on May 26th 2015 and runs through June 2nd 2015.

By answering all of the questions in the quiz you will get a bonus – a custom "Web Design Guru" badge developed exclusively by TemplateMonster’s creative team. What’s more, by passing the test you can show off your results. Right below the badge, there will be a list of the quiz questions with correct answers and score.

Win this attractive custom web design card deck today. TemplateMonster will announce one winner per day, so don’t miss your chance to be one of the seven lucky winners!


  • moizuddin

    i would like to participate in the quiz

  • Matthew


    Just follow this link:
    and click the "Start" button ;)

    It takes only a few minutes to pass it.

    Good luck!

  • ecem

    Wow!! :)

  • ecem

    Yes my score is %100. I’m a Web Design Guru! Just Passed a “Web Design Trends” Quiz to Get a Super #Customcarddeck >

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