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RSVP Forms

Make it simple for your guests to RSVP for your next event with a clean, simple RSVP form. Whether you're hosting a big celebration or an intimate party, make sure you have the perfect RSVP form templates for the occasion. Collect guest information through the use of apps or widgets or entice signups by adding a stunning theme to your RSVP template. Try one of JotForm's RSVP form samples below to get started, then edit it and design it to match your event in our form builder. Try one of our RSVP Templates for free!

Rsvp 2

Event Registration Forms

Get attendance details for an event, party, organization etc. with this online form.

Event Rsvp Form

RSVP Forms

Organizing an event takes effort and time. If you want to know how many people will be able to join the event, use this event rsvp form to know the exact number of people who will be able to make it to the event or not. This rsvp form makes every respondent respond to the invitation conveniently so you can organize and manage your event seamlessly. This rsvp form template gathers basic information, number of people attending, reservation and accommodation preferences. Save time on your event management with our pre-built online event rsvp template.

Attendance Form

Order Forms

Are you planning an event such as a wedding, party or reunion? Know if people you are inviting is coming to the event by using this attendance form. This kind of attendance forms are very simple and only ask for the name and email address of the person you are inviting. Ask people to provide their reason for not coming in this attendance form template.

Party Invitation Form

Entertainment Forms

Invite people to a party easily with this online form. Don't worry about the guest number anymore.

Fullscreen Event Rsvp Responsive Form

Event Registration Forms

A modern looking RSVP Form that is mobile responsive and multi-page for easier fill up and submission. The customized tabs above the form helps the user to navigate easily between pages. This form collects RSVPs from your customers to find out if they will be able to make it to the event. Email this online form to your guests and let them tell you if they can attend!

Birthday Party Form

RSVP Forms

If you have a birthday party organization business and you want your clients to make a reservation you can use this birthday party template. This birthday party booking form template includes name, email, age, birth date, details about the party such as date and time, venue details, RSVP, special requests. So, you can make advance plans to facilitate all required items by using this birthday party rsvp form.

Seminar RSVP

Registration Forms

Find out who's attending and gather logistical and preferential information to help make your event a success.

Mayor Daley Luncheon Rsvp

RSVP Forms

Do you have an upcoming event and you needed a form to use as your RSVP form? This form has it all for you. It gathers names, emails, number of people attending, names of the other people that is coming and a comment box where they can put additional information if there's any.

Responsive Rsvp Form

Event Registration Forms

RSVP Form on the go! A form that is easy to fill, modern looking and very attractive form. Collect RSVPs from your guests or customers to find out if they can attend to the event.

Patient Health Questionnaire

Healthcare Forms

If you have an online health service , this forms is suitable for you. Get your patient to fill the form so that you can be able to diagnose them.

Thanksgiving Dinner RSVP

Entertainment Forms

Thanksgiving RSVP form with amazing animated falling leaves background and conditional form fields. Ensure that your invited guests for thanksgiving day can RSVP using this form.

Rsvp 3

RSVP Forms

Here's a great way to make a Personal RSVP Form.

Form Generator Rsvp Form

RSVP Forms

RSVP form perfect for embedding using the Form Generator WordPress Plugin.

Wedding Attendance Form

RSVP Forms

Send this form and calculate how many people will attend the wedding you organize.

Thanksgiving Rsvp

RSVP Forms

Find out what your friends, relatives or colleagues will be bringing this coming thanksgiving day using this form.

Waiver Of Notice Of Meeting Of The Board Of Directors

Business Forms

This meeting attendance form is a waiver of attendance for missing a board of directors meeting. If you're planning an important meeting, you can use this board meeting attendance sheet template for the attendee to submit their availability of the meeting or explain if they not able to attend. This meeting attendance sheet template asks basic questions like the date of the meeting, full name and the reason why the attendee can't join the meeting. Having this form, it is easier to a generate board meeting attendance sheet by downloading the submissions into excel format.

Sunday Night Football Rsvp Form 2

RSVP Forms

Get sunday night football fans to give their numbers and information for your event.

Birthday Party Invitation Template

Entertainment Forms

Get birthday party requests easily with this online form.

2014 Family Affair

RSVP Forms

Reunion Participation Form

Rsvp For Mum Deans And President S Lists

Education Forms

This form helps to those school with regular parent meetings, Award recognitions, etc

Yay It S Turkey Day

Event Registration Forms

Here's the second version of Turkey Day form. This form has conditions that shows extra fields according to user selection, allowing user to confirm who will come and what will he be bringing. Feel free to use it for all of your thanksgiving day needs and Happy Holidays!

Afternoon Tea Luncheon

RSVP Forms

An afternoon tea themed form with vintage floral elements and chalkboard details

Borang Pengesahan Kehadiran

RSVP Forms

Attendance validation form

Rolling Hills Uniserv Coordinating Council

RSVP Forms

Rolling Hills UniServ Coordinating Council

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