How to make money using astrology

Do you want to share your love of astrology with the world and make money doing it?

Providing professional astrology services to clients could be the answer. If you understand the complex nature of astrology, you could offer a range of services based on readings, including providing relationship and career advice. Books, courses, and other products could open up additional income channels.

The key is creating a range of products or services that you can sell to clients. With that in mind, here’s how to make money using astrology.

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Decide on the type of business you want to start

There are plenty of different ways to make money using astrology. Some examples include

  • Offering readings
  • Writing books and creating courses
  • Providing group coaching
  • Creating physical products like astrology cards

You can offer your products and services to specific groups of people too. For instance, you could create career-based readings for professionals or provide group coaching to young moms. The better you can define a niche, the easier it will be to find customers looking for what you offer.

Pick a name and create your brand identity

Once you know the services your business will provide, you’ll need to think about branding. Every business needs three basic things:

  • A name
  • A logo
  • Brand colors

The good news is, you don’t need to hire a designer to create any of these. Free tools like Canva are perfect for entrepreneurs who want to launch their businesses as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Just be careful not to infringe on a trademark or cause confusion when choosing a brand name, says Ann Smarty, brand manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. “You should also steer clear of names that are too generic as you may have trouble ranking your site for those,” she writes. “Of course, Apple can get away with that and rank #1 when people search for [apple], but few businesses can hope for that result.”

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Register your business

With a name in hand, you can register your new astrology business as a company.

The easiest way to do that is to register your business at the state level as a limited liability company or limited liability partnership, says Briana Morgaine, content marketing manager at Eden Workplace. “This will ensure that your business name is officially ‘yours’ and that you can do business using that name.”

You’ll also need to sign up for a business bank account. This is relatively painless, explains Randa Kriss, a lead writer at NerdWallet. “Opening a business account is easy; you can typically apply in minutes as long as you have the right details and documents, especially if you open an account online.”

Create a website

Once your business is officially established in the eyes of the law, you can create a website. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to make a great-looking website, though. You can use a website builder instead.

A website builder is the simplest and cheapest way to create a website, says Tom Fogden at That’s thanks to their low monthly cost, browser-based tools, and theme templates. “Just because the templates are ‘ready-made’…doesn’t mean you’ll be left with a cookie-cutter site,” he writes. You’d be “amazed just how professional-looking the templates can be,” he continues, noting that popular website builders offer plenty of tools to let you customize templates as well.

Use Jotform to book appointments, build an online store, and collect payments

You don’t need a complicated website or a bunch of plug-ins to turn your new website into a lead-generating machine. Just use Jotform.

If you want to offer consultations and readings, you can customize one of Jotform’s many booking form templates to create a booking request form that you can then embed on your website. All responses are stored securely in your Jotform account, and you can access them anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

You can also use a Jotform form to collect payment for your services. With more than 25 payment integrations to choose from, you can pick the payment processor that best fits your needs and add it to your form. Best of all, Jotform doesn’t charge a single cent in transaction fees.

If you decide to sell products rather than services, you can use Jotform Jotform Store Builder to easily create an online store in minutes. Customize your store with product lists, payment integrations, and color schemes. Embed it into your website with a simple cut-and-paste embed code or share it with a link or QR code.

It’s hard work to turn your hobby into your profession, but it gets easier when you have the tools to succeed. The stars are the limit when you start your astrology-based business in partnership with Jotform.

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