Form Sharing

Easily share your online form or survey with your audience. Add your forms to your website without any coding, share the app link, or send email invites to start receiving submissions.

Embed Forms

Make your custom online forms fit seamlessly into your website. Embed forms into any page — no coding needed. Just copy and paste your form’s embed code into your site builder. Plus, explore popup options, plug-ins, third-party platforms, and more!

Form Sharing

Advanced Embedding in Forms

Use advanced embedding options for embedding your forms anywhere.

Form Sharing

QR Code Forms

Publish your online form using a QR code. Allow your users easy access to your form on their mobile devices. Get started now for free!

Form Sharing

Form Sharing on Social Media

Either add social media sharing buttons to your form or simply share it directly with your audience on social media to increase your brand awareness with Jotform!

Form Sharing

Subdomains/Custom Domains

Create custom form URLs to match your company website and make your forms memorable. Custom domain options are included in all Jotform Enterprise accounts.


Lightbox Form

Make your forms stand out with Jotform’s lightbox integration. Share a link on your website and visitors can fill out your form from within a fully-customizable lightbox.

Form Sharing

Public Forms

If you want to contribute to the Jotform community, you can always share your forms in Jotform’s Form Template Gallery so that others also can benefit from it.