How to make a QR code for a form

How to make a QR code for a form

Let’s say you’ve handed out event invitations and you’d like invitees to have an easier way to access your RSVP form from their mobile phones. Maybe you’ve posted an advertisement at a bus stop and you’d like for people interested in your company to have a quick way of filling out your contact form while they’re waiting for a ride. Or maybe you’re working at a career fair and want applicants to have a quick way of accessing an online application form.

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The common thread here is that in an increasingly mobile world, it helps to have a way of capturing information from people on the go. So what you need is a QR code that directs interested parties directly to your online form.

We don’t believe there should be friction getting your potential customers to give you their information from any device type. Now with Jotform, you can create a QR code for any one of your forms. Between Jotform Cards’ mobile capability and our new QR codes, you have a powerful lead generation tool that captures information from any device.

Just so you know

Create custom online forms with QR codes in just a few clicks with Jotform!

To set this up, head to the “Publish” tab at the top of the form you’re editing, then find the “Quick Share” option on the right panel. Then you need to click “Share Options”.

Screenshot of Form Builder Publish Page Clicking on Quick Share Tab

At the bottom of the list, you’ll see an option to Download QR Code.

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Want to see how your form will look as a QR code? Whip out your phone and test it out here:

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