How to integrate Stripe Checkout with your JotForm form?

September 15, 2021

Every e-commerce business wants to offer a smooth checkout experience to its customers, because that’s the last step in a sale. Although the platform you use to handle transactions is important, you shouldn’t overlook checkout.

As one of the leading payment gateways on the market, Stripe offers a checkout service that can be integrated with JotForm, just like the Stripe payment gateway itself.

Here are the steps to integrate Stripe Checkout with your JotForm form:

1. In the Form Builder, go to the Payments tab and click on Stripe Checkout to add it to your form.

2. In the integration window, click the Connectwith Stripe button. Log into your Stripe account in the next popup window.

Once connected, the integration will display a “connected” message, and you can begin selecting other options.

In the Mode dropdown, you can choose Live Mode or Test Mode. Live Mode means you’re accepting actual payments through the form. Test Mode means you’re accepting test payments through the form. This is ideal if you wish to test the integration before going live.

In the Currency dropdown, you can select one of 100+ currencies.

Stripe Checkout supports all payment types. You can even sell products, collect donations, or sell recurring payments.

You can use the Additional Gateway Settings fields to further customize your Stripe Checkout integration.


The Customer Email Field maps an email address from your form and sends it to the Stripe Dashboard.

You can send any text field information to Stripe by using the Custom Data Field. For more information, please visit the related help guide about custom data mapping.

You can use the Yes-No toggle switches to indicate whether you want to

  • Display the total price for an online order on your form

  • Allow customers to buy multiple products from your online store

  • Authorize transactions through your online form and charge customers at the time of form submission or at a later time. If you want to process the transactions later, either use JotForm Tables (shown below)or the Stripe Dashboard (shown below).

  • Enable customers to click on an image and preview it

  • Use decimal points for prices

If Fetch Coupons from Stripe Account is enabled, all coupons for the related Stripe account will be fetched from the Stripe Dashboard. Please keep in mind that this overrides current coupons created through JotForm. For more information, please visit the related help guide.

If the payment type is Sell Subscriptions, Fetch Subscriptions from Stripe Account will be displayed. All subscriptions for the related Stripe account will be fetched from the Stripe Dashboard. Please keep in mind that this overrides current coupons created through JotForm.



3. Next, enter the products or subscriptions you want to sell. You have the option to create coupons, establish a shipping fee, add tax, or create an invoice. 

4. When your customers submit a Stripe Checkout form, they will be redirected to Stripe to complete the payment.

On the Stripe Checkout page

  • Product images are displayed if they have been added to the product.

  • Discount amounts are displayed for each product the coupon applies to.

  • Shipping fees are displayed below the products. If there’s a discount for shipping, it’s displayed the same way as product discounts.

  • The tax amount is displayed after the subtotal.

  • You can specify store policies in the Stripe Dashboard.

  • You can customize the Stripe Checkout page to match your branding. For example, we added the JotForm logo to the checkout page and changed the color of the Pay button to match JotForm’s brand colors.

Stripe Checkout is more than it seems, because it’s designed to collect payments from different payment gateways around the world. This allows businesses that use JotForm to reach a much broader customer base.

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