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How to Remove Your Email Address from Bounce List

Last Update: December 8, 2016

There are several reasons why your email address may have been added to the bounce list. It could be due to a non-existent/inactive email address, your mail server being unavailable, your email server has rejected the emails due to suspected spam, your mailbox is full or JotForm is on your blacklist. JotForm will stop sending emails when your email address is on the bounce list. Please note that high bounce rates will put our sending method at risk so we have to process the bounce messages without exceptions.

If you notice that notifications are not coming through, your email address might be on our bounce list. You can remove yourself from it. Please follow these steps:

1. Click the human shape icon found on top of the page, then click the Account link

2. Go to  Settings Check Bounce List and enter the email address you want to check

3. If you find out that your email address is on the bounce list, just click the Remove button

That's it! You should now receive emails when someone submits your form.

If your email addresses are being constantly added to our bounce list, our best recommendation is to switch your email notifications to your own SMTP sender. The bounce messages will be processed by your mail server in this case, so the email addresses will not be added to our bounce list.


  • 1etimesgut

    thank you

  • clivebirch

    Hi Welvin,

    This is very helpful... cheers.
    I think that the problem at this end has now been solved.
    We'e a low tech company and love the simplicity of Jotform... thanks again



  • olivierlevy

    Can we switch off this stupid feature?

  • researchpaperstobuy

    Yes, that stupid feature should be removed

  • detetivemohammed

    Mesmo fazer o Procedimento acima, não estou recebendo as notificações....

  • Suleman

    So you have to wait and see if your'e NOT getting emails and then come here to see if it's on the list?! That's stupid!

    Why is there a "bounce" list anyway?!

    Clear the list every once in a while! Duh!

  • cookiezombie

    Hello - someone helped me remove one of my frequently used email address from the bounce list. However Jotform still fails to send every email to

    Is there another reason other than the bounce list that could cause this?


  • squadhousemedia

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • catloverssociety

    And how to remove when I´m not able to reset my password and can not log in???

  • landkshaw

    Will the email that was previously sent be automatically re-sent once removed? If not, how do you resend it since it was configured as a notification from the form what was already successfully submitted?

  • jgdc


  • LVM50

    I'll watch out for this. Thank you.

  • smfrt

    Can we whitelist our emails, OR at the very least know WHEN we are put on your Bounce List!!!

    we have NO clue WHEN we are put your bounce list, and have no idea when we are not getting emails.

    Bueller...if you are NOT here, please raise your hand ;->

  • doctible_sales

    We have the following problem.
    1. Whitelisting your services is a huge task.

    2. There should be someway you can notify your client that the Bouncelist has gone active. i.e. send an email notification to an alternative address.

  • guardianpoolfence

    Well, this didn't solve my problem, my emails were not in the bounce list. It was working fine just up to about two days ago and suddenly stopped working.

  • aemanuel1

    i am still not receiving notification of a form submission.

  • ord_flt_svc_ramping

    I have followed these instructions and continually have to remove my email address from the bounce list. This system used to work great, now it's not. Please correct this feature.

  • witavenue

    Hi, my email is not in the bouncelist but its not receiving emails on the form submission, pls help

  • pritzlaffevents

    Why doesn't jotform let the account holder know when an address has been added to the bounce list? We mised several submissions from what I can tell. But we didn't know we didn't receive a submission... because you didn't tell us :-)

  • chrisjaeger

    Jotform has become unreliable. My email addresses are not on the bounce list, I've verified three. No notifications in 24 hours. Three forms came in. Not in my SPAM folders, never got the notification. None of the solutions offered work reliably.

  • pmarren1

    I've worked with our IT to make sure McAfee was not blocking our forms which was our initial issue, then we had our IT whitelist per previous forum posts, I've checked the email addresses on the bounced list - none are there and we continue to have problems with forms not going to email addresses. Our forms were working fine up to about June 20-22, 2016 - that is the best timeframe I can give you. After this date - we have no forms coming into our shared inboxes. The forms I see come in via the app to the dropbox submissions but don't hit the inboxes. I've had my internal colleagues go back to Word forms because this is unreliable and we are running a business based on incoming forms. Please try to resolve this ASAP.

  • Ellen Jordan

    How do I unsubscribe or I'm reporting this co. No instructions that I can find

  • ryanderson

    Are emails still added the bounce list if the sender email is a custom SMTP setup?

  • dingham

    I suddenly stopped getting emails so knew something was definitely wrong. Thank you for the nice detailed directions. I'm crossing my fingers that it works.
    I wish the "bounce list" could be removed. I understand it but it makes me question if I can trust JotForm to work as it should.

  • eaglehomeinspector

    My client was not on the bounce list but is still not getting his form submissions in his email. Not sure what to do next??

  • popeyedol01

    still not working. Even when creating new email add.. pfft

  • jamboclimbing

    Interesting, my email must be on the bounce list. Problem is, I can't remember my password so guess what? I can't get an email to be able to reset my password therefore I can't log-in to get my address off the bounce list.

  • LaToya

    Once you remove yourself from the bounce list will you receive the submissions from your forms

  • Ebuka

    Pls somebody should help me am not receiving mail from my email since months now???

  • Ebuka

    Pls somebody should help me am not receiving mail from my email since months now..remove my email from bounce list

  • Robert lares

    Please remove my email from your list

  • Robert lares

    Please remove my email from your list

  • Shanep78

    I get 2 to 4 emails a day from my form with no issues, nothing being blocked or marked as spam, yet I still get added to your "Bounce List" every other month. I know there is nothing wrong with my email account or the way my email address is entered in the form, otherwise I would not receive submissions multiple times a day. I can see that many other users are having issues as well, there is obviously something wrong on your end. I no longer refer clients to your service because of this and I am currently changing the ones I have previously referred to you to other types of forms, once completed I will most likely no longer use your services myself. This issue is not good for business, if you value your customers it should be corrected.

  • Spertus

    can jotform whitelist email addresses on our system?

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