How to Integrate PayPal Personal With Jotform

December 7, 2023

PayPal is the most popular online payment service in use today. It enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments. Payments can be immediate or authorized for later use.

Jotform integrates with PayPal. One of our PayPal integrations is PayPal Payments Standard, a.k.a PayPal Personal. Like any other payment tool, this enables you to sell products and subscriptions, collect donations and custom amounts through a form, and get paid through the PayPal Payment Standard gateway.

Adding and Setting up PayPal Personal

You can add and set up PayPal Personal in your form by following the steps below.

  1. In the Form Builder, click the Add Form Element button on the upper-left side of the page.
  2. Go to the Payments tab.
  3. Search and click PayPal Personal from the list. You can also drag and drop it to add.
Jotform Form Builder with the Add Form Element button, Payments tab, and PayPal Personal gateway
  1. Set up the following in the Payment Settings:
    • PayPal Account — Provide your registered PayPal email address or Merchant ID.
    • Currency — PayPal Personal supports multiple currencies. Visit PayPal Supported Currencies for the complete list. The item price and total amount are based on the selected currency.
    • Payment Type — Choose whether you want to Sell Products, Sell Subscriptions, collect a custom amount (User Defined Amount), or Collect Donations.
Payment Settings of the PayPal Personal integration showing the PayPal account box and dropdowns for Currency and Payment Type


You can open the Payment Settings by clicking the Wand icon on the right side of the PayPal Personal gateway.

  1. Under Additional Gateway Settings, you’ll find a few additional options that you might want to set up. The options may differ based on the chosen Payment Type. Here are the most common settings:
    • Sandbox Mode — Enable Sandbox to test out PayPal Personal without charging customers. See How to Test your PayPal Payment Form for more details.
    • Authorization Only — PayPal Personal supports charging customers at a later date. Visit How to Enable Payment Authorization for more information.
    • Require Shipment Address — Toggle this to require customers to provide a shipping address during checkout.
    • Checkout Language — PayPal’s checkout page is localized automatically. You can set it to display a different language through this dropdown.
    • Pending Payment Email — When the payment takes time, the pending payment email will help you get a notification of a delayed transaction.
Additional Gateway Settings of the PayPal Personal integration with the options to enable Sandbox, Payment Authorization, Shipment Address, Pending Payment Email, and checkout language
  1. If you have selected Sell Products or Subscription, click the Continue button at the bottom to add the products or subscription items. If you have chosen User Defined Amount or Donation, click the Save button to complete the integration.

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Payment Flow for PayPal Personal

As mentioned above, PayPal processes the payment through its dedicated checkout page. Here’s the flow of that:

  1. Your customer submits the form.
  2. The form would then redirect them to the PayPal payment page.
  3. Your customer will have to decide which payment method to use – to log in to their PayPal account and pay by their preferred funding method or pay directly by their Debit/Credit Card.
How to Integrate PayPal Personal With Jotform Image-1


  • The Pay with Debit or Credit Card option is available only when you enable the Guest Payment through your PayPal settings, and this is only available for supported countries (USA, UK, CA). Please check the following page from PayPal to learn more.
  • If you decide not to enable the Guest Payment/Checkout or if you created your account outside of the supported countries, your customers will see the Create Account button instead.
  1. Your customers will have to click the Pay Now button.
How to Integrate PayPal Personal With Jotform Image-2
  1. If the payment works, they should get the confirmation screen, and from that confirmation screen, they would need to click the Return to Merchant button to get your form’s thank you message. That’s it!
How to Integrate PayPal Personal With Jotform Image-3

We recommend advising your customers not to forget to click the Return to Merchant button after paying, as it’s important to complete the transaction in both PayPal and Jotform. This particular step would also prevent payments from being processed as incomplete.

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