How to Create Checklist Apps

June 7, 2022

Jotform Apps allows you to create apps that function as checklists. To create a checklist app, you can add multiple forms to your app and set it to require each form to be filled out before users can move on to the next form. For example, you could create a daily task checklist, an onboarding app for new employees, or a series of intake forms for a new client about their upcoming project.

First, let’s start with adding forms to an app. Drag and drop the Form element into the App Builder, select the forms you want to include, and click the Add Forms button.

Click on the first form, and click the Settings gear icon to open the form’s Properties.

In the Properties window, toggle Mark as required to On. You’ll also now see a label to the right of the form that says Required.

When the Mark as required option is toggled on, Mark as completed after submission is also turned on. This will add a Completed label to the form after your user submits it. You can’t turn off this option on a required form.

In the Properties, you’ll also find the Reset form option. You can choose Daily or Weekly. This means that the form will reset at the chosen interval and can be filled out again. This feature is useful for daily checklist forms, as mentioned above.

When you require a form to be completed, two options will become available in the Settings of the app: Progress Bar and Add Restart Button.

The Progress Bar lets your users see their progress on the forms they need to complete. The Progress Bar will show at the top of the app.

The Add Restart Button enables users to reset completed forms. This means that forms the user has previously completed will be available to fill out again. This option will not delete the user’s existing submission(s).

When the last required form is completed, the app will display a message telling the user that the app was completed.

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