How to Create Checklist Apps

December 29, 2022

Jotform Apps allows you to create apps that function as checklists. For example, you could create a daily task checklist, an onboarding app for new employees, or a series of intake forms for a new client about their upcoming project.

You can add multiple forms to your app and set it to require each to be filled out.
Here’s how:

  1. In App Builder, add a Form element to your app.

To learn more, see Adding Elements in Jotform Apps.

  1. Next, search and select the forms to use in your checklist app, then click on Add Forms.
  1. Once added, select one of the forms and click on its gear icon to view its properties.

Note: You can also double-click on an element to open its properties.

  1. In the properties panel on the right, scroll down and enable the Mark as required option.
  1. Finally, apply the same settings and enable Mark as required to the rest of your forms.
app-completed-check-mark-min-png app-builder-opening-checklist-form-reset-completed-marking-min-png app-builder-progress-reset-options-min-png


  • Enabling Mark as required also turns the Mark as completed option on. This option adds a “completed” marking or checkmark to the forms filled out by the current user. The Reset the completed marking option allows you to automatically reset and remove the checkmark at a chosen interval — this is useful for daily or weekly checklists.
  • Enabling Mark as required also adds the Progress Bar option in the Settings tab. Enabling Progress Bar shows the Add Restart Button option which enables users to reset and remove the checkmark on completed forms manually.
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