Announcing 3 new updates to Jotform Tables

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Since we launched Tables in 2020, we’ve been listening to user feedback and perfecting the platform. For example, did you know we’ve released 3 powerful new collaboration features since then?

This month we’ll be taking a deep dive into all things Tables — announcing a free Mastering data essentials webinar series, showing you how to use Tables to enhance your workflow, and exploring the many ways Tables can help you boost collaboration.

We’re also launching two-factor authentication (2FA), which adds an extra layer of security to your account, and sharing a spotlight on how a successful e-bike business uses Jotform. Check it all out below! ⬇️

Announcing 3 new Jotform Tables features

Need a better way to collaborate with your team online? Start taking advantage of the best Jotform Tables sharing and collaboration features you haven’t heard of yet.

How users perfect their workflows using Jotform Tables

See the top ways our users make use of Tables — perfect for gathering inspiration and discovering quick, easy ways to speed up your workflow.

Jotform Inbox vs Jotform Tables

Not sure which platform you should use? Take a side-by-side look at how Enterprise customers use these two data management tools to figure it out.

How New Wheel uses Jotform to scale its e-bike business

Not only does SF Bay Area e-bike company New Wheel use Jotform to collect information and automate its HR processes, but staff also use four different integrations to speed up their workflow! Read on to find out how they make the most of their Jotform experience.

Free webinar series: Mastering data essentials

Explore everything related to form data in our upcoming webinar series. We’ll start by going over Jotform Tables, then dive into Jotform Inbox, take a closer look at Digest Emails, and finally, review Jotform Report Builder — plus, answer any questions you have!

Announcing two-factor authentication (2FA)

Jotform now offers two-factor authentication (2FA)! Add an extra layer of security to your login process to keep your data protected.

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