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Hi JotFormers, Spring has sprung! If you’re like most of us, you’re more than happy to ditch the puffy coats and welcome cherry blossoms and sunnier days. Here at the Jotform office, spring also brings fresh new improvements for your trusty form-building tool. And realizing that the flowers on your desk have become a snack for Podo, the office cat. I guess you cant win them all.

April Newsletter

Introducing The Lob Widget for Accurate Address Verification

Lob is an easy-to-use, trusted way to verify mailing addresses — and now you can use it on your forms. Jotform’s new Lob widget allows your form respondents to check if they’re entering a correct address in your forms address field. Minimize delivery delays and address verification issues with the Lob widget.

This Summer: Introducing Jotform Enterprise

We are excited to share with you the launch of Jotform Enterprise on June 1, 2017. Our enterprise-class digital workplace productivity tool can provide a powerful ROI across your entire organization. Jotform Enterprise can help you eliminate form building from multiple desktop and cloud applications and streamline to one powerful tool that will help you speed up, simplify and centralize your data collection with easy access for all your employees. If you are interested in learning about and taking advantage of our special pre-launch offering, please request a follow up here before April 30.

Wishbox: The Easy Way to Collect Feedback

Wishbox is a great way for your website visitors to easily provide visual feedback, such as bug reports and suggestions for new features. It’s a free feature from Jotform and it’s all done through your web browser. There’s no special software for you to install. It’s a snap for your web visitors to communicate with you.

Udemy Jotform Training

Jotform training is now available as a course on Udemy. The code JOTFORM-APRIL is automatically applied for the first 100 uses.

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