Introducing a new payment integration – Skrill! And are you susceptible to FOMO? Here’s what to do about it.

We have so many fun things to share with you this month. First some news, we’re partnering with international payments company, Skrill, to add one more payment option to our form builder. Plus we visit a user in LA who manages her thriving tattoo business using Jotform and we dig into why missing out makes us feel bad and what can be done about it.
New Payment Integration: Skrill
New Payment Integration: Skrill
Skrill has been making digital payments simple, secure and easy since 2001. Our new Skrill integration means folks have just one more option for transferring money safely and securely through forms.
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User Case Study: Sara Fabel
User Case Study: Sara Fabel
This award-winning tattoo artist uses Jotform to book appointments and take payments. With a demanding travel schedule and high profile clients, Jotform helps Sara stay organized and get paid.
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Makers Series: How FullStory Founder Built a Successful Startup
Makers Series: Interview with Scott Voigt, Founder & CEO of FullStory
Want to learn how to create a successful startup? Check out this month’s interview with FullStory founder and CEO, Scott Voigt. We dive into details about his entrepreneurial journey and how he navigated the startup landscape.
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Want to be happier? Embrace JOMO
Want to be happier? Embrace JOMO
FOMO can cause stress, anxiety, and unproductive behavior. Trade your FOMO for its antithesis, JOMO. Check out concrete tips for welcoming JOMO and not giving in to the fear of missing out.
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Watch Our Webinar: Boost Your Bookings with
Jotform & Integromat
Webinar: Boost Your Bookings
A recording of our 30-minute webinar, Boost Your Bookings with Jotform & Integromat, is available now. Learn how to use Jotform and Integromat to automatically generate invoices, email confirmations, and more.
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