Announcing a new book: Jotform for Beginners

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Announcing a new book: Jotform for Beginners

Discover new features to help you save time, streamline processes, and boost productivity. Our new e-book, Jotform for Beginners: Get More Done with Powerful Forms, takes a deep dive into all things Jotform — giving you a step-by-step guide on how to go further with your forms.

This month we’re also recapping Jotform’s Accessibility Week and announcing a free accessibility webinar, a user spotlight with Underground Printing, and Starch Madness: a recap of how our San Francisco office used Jotform to determine the best fry type, once and for all.

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Announcing Jotform for Beginners: Get More Done with Powerful Forms

In our new book Jotform for Beginners, we introduce you to the many powerful features Jotform has to offer — and walk you through them step by step, so you can start using them instantly.

A look at Jotform’s Accessibility Week

Our product teams recently devoted an entire week specifically to boosting Jotform’s accessibility, to ensure everyone can use Jotform’s no-code tools with ease. Find out what we learned about accessibility and the changes we made along the way.

Free webinar: 3 ways to make your Jotform forms accessible

At Jotform, we believe everyone should be able to benefit from our workflow automation and data management tools. Register for our webinar on Thursday, April 6 at 11 a.m. PDT to explore Jotform’s accessibility features, standards, and practices — and learn how to make your own forms more accessible too.

Starch Madness: How we used Jotform to determine the best fry type

It’s an age-old question: Which fry type is best? We’ve done the research and uncovered the answer. Shoestring, curly, crinkle cut, waffle — it’s time to find out which one is truly to fry for.

How Underground Printing enhances the customer experience with Jotform

When your clients are Fortune 500 companies, you need fast and reliable workflows to keep up with demand. Discover how a custom printed apparel provider uses Jotform to efficiently fulfill orders nationwide.

6 ways to take your business mobile with Jotform

In the post-COVID landscape, taking your business mobile is no longer a question of if, but of when — so how can you make it happen? Read on to learn six easy ways to strategically implement mobile practices for your business.

Announcing our founder's upcoming book: Automate Your Busywork

Jotform founder and CEO Aytekin Tank is releasing his newest book — Automate Your Busywork: Do Less, Achieve More, and Save Your Brain for the Big Stuff. Discover new ways to offload repetitive tasks and enjoy more time to spend where it matters.

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