New product: Here’s how to use Jotform Inbox

Spring is in full swing, and it’s got us excited about what’s new at Jotform this month! We launched Jotform Inbox, a new product that will keep your submissions organized; created tips for how to cut back on paper consumption for Earth Day; filmed a case study with Second Use, a store that salvages materials from the community and resells them; shared productivity-focused blog posts; and more.
New product: Organize form submissions with Jotform Inbox
Jotform Inbox Blog Post
You might’ve noticed something new in your Jotform dashboard. And if you haven’t, let us introduce you to our new product — Jotform Inbox — which will change the way users search, organize, and manage their form submissions. Be sure to check out the product’s key benefits, what users are saying, and how you can use it for your organization.
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Be inspired by Earth Day and go paperless
Earth Day Go Paperless Blog Post
Earth Day is this month, and there’s never been a better time to go paperless. If you’re just starting to reduce your paper consumption and need some ideas, don’t fret. Check out three of our blog posts on going paperless:
1. Save money: How going paperless means more money in the bank
2. 3 paper forms you can get rid of right this second
3. Cut back on printing: A free PDF editor to easily share PDFs
User spotlight: Want to go green? Be like Second Use
User Spotlight: Second Use
Second Use is on a mission to reduce waste by salvaging and selling materials reclaimed from houses and other buildings, which adds up to 3,500 tons of waste saved from landfills. Second Use also does their part by replacing paper forms with online ones’ they use Jotform for vendor application forms, order forms, internal projects, and more.
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How to make the most of our Google integrations in your forms
Google Integration Blog Post
Did you know that Jotform offers countless Google integrations, including Drive, Sheets, and Calendar, to sync with your forms? Integrating with these apps will automatically send submission data directly into the G Suite app of your choice. Check out the Google integrations we have to offer and be sure to try them out with your forms.
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Productivity corner
Productivity Corner
We JotFormers love our productivity hacks and came across a few you might like too. Read on to learn about which file sharing app is right for you, the ins and outs of Trello, and TED Talks that will help with motivation.
1. Dropbox vs Box: The showdown of the file sharing apps
2. How to use Trello to get more done
3. 11 TED Talks to motivate you when you aren’t feeling productive

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