Finally Announcing Jotform Enterprise!

Fall is almost here, but you don’t need to wait for the leaves to turn to make organizational changes. That’s because we’ve launched Jotform Enterprise! Jotform Enterprise provides large organizations with more power and support for online forms and data collection needs.
Introducing Jotform Enterprise
Introducing Jotform Enterprise
Jotform Enterprise is a digital workplace productivity tool that provides a powerful ROI. Designed for larger organizations, it streamlines the form building process into a SINGLE powerful tool that will speed up, simplify, and centralize data collection with easy access for all employees.
Solutions built for Enterprise:
   Unlimited forms and submissions
   Unlimited payments
   Live customer support
   BAA and SLA available
   Ability to migrate existing online forms
   Highest level of security
   Single Sign On
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Jotform Enterprise Webinar
New Payment Integration: Skrill
To learn more about Jotform Enterprise, secure a spot in our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, September 26 from 11-11:30am PDT.
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Stripe ACH
Stripe ACH
We’re thrilled to announce Stripe ACH as a payment collection option. Using Stripe ACH, you can easily turn your form into a revenue tool that accepts high transaction value payments quickly. This option is great if you sell high-priced items, collect rent payments, sell top-of-the-line event tickets, or have a donation form for higher value gift givers.
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Maker Series:
Interview with Katie Dill, VP of Design at Lyft
Want to be happier? Embrace JOMO
Design isn’t usually the first thing people think about when it comes to running a successful business. But it actually plays a large part in organizational activities, such as crafting teams, creating processes, and solving problems. Our interview with Katie Dill, Vice President of Design at Lyft, shares how companies can use design to achieve success, tips on getting inspiration, ideas for overcoming blocks, and more.
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User Case Study: Cal Shakes
User Case Study: Cal Shakes
LeeAnn Dowd is an Artistic Associate at nonprofit theatre, Cal Shakes. She uses Jotform to collect, organize, and manage data for casting and hiring. Her infatuation with Jotform was instant – she loved its ease, suite of features, and power to help her get things done.
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Best Productivity Tools Used By Team Jotform
Best Productivity Tools Used By Team Jotform
Productivity is in our DNA at Jotform, so we’ve developed an eye for other helpful productivity tools to help us manage our workflow. We’ve put together a list of tools that we love – check them out and see how they can boost your team’s productivity too.
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4 Social Responsibility Tips All Businesses Need To Know
4 Social Responsibility Tips All Businesses Need To Know
Social responsibility efforts benefit employees by increasing positivity, performance, productivity, and more. We sat down with Jotform user and global leader of socio-economic and environmental sustainability standards, Fair Trade USA, to dive into four tips social responsibility tips all businesses can learn from.
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