Announcing Jotform Group Approvals

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Simplify decision-making for your team

This month we’re announcing Jotform Group Approvals — a powerful new way to simplify decision-making and reach consensus with your team.

Simply add all of your approvers to one group rather than setting up individual approval elements — then choose a completion rule and let your automated workflow do the rest.

We’re also announcing a new one-click checkout integration with Stripe Link, two free webinars, and an interview with Jotform CEO Aytekin Tank about his upcoming book Automate Your Busywork. Check it all out below ⬇️

Announcing Group Approvals

Need to request approvals from a group of people? With our newest feature, group members can approve or deny the request independently — allowing your approval flow to then move forward based on whichever completion rule you choose.

Announcing our founder’s upcoming book: Automate Your Busywork

Jotform founder and CEO Aytekin Tank is releasing his newest book Automate Your Busywork: Do Less, Achieve More, and Save Your Brain for the Big Stuff. Discover new ways to offload repetitive tasks and enjoy more time to spend where it matters.

Introducing one-click checkout with Stripe Link

A quick and easy checkout process is key to boosting orders, bookings, and donations. Speed up your checkout process by turning it into a single click with our Stripe Link integration.

Have questions about Group Approvals or Stripe Link? Register for our free webinars below for a step-by-step walkthrough that’ll answer all of your questions.

Podcast interview with Jotform CEO Aytekin Tank

In this episode of Momentum — a podcast by Jotform — we join Jotform founder and CEO Aytekin Tank to discuss his upcoming book, Automate Your Busywork. Learn more about how Aytekin’s automation philosophy contributed to Jotform’s growth — and how it can contribute to yours too.

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