Introducing a new Google Calendar integration

Get ready because productivity is in the air this month at JotForm. We have a brand new Google Calendar integration and an updated Mailchimp integration. ?
Announcing a new Google Calendar integration
Announcing a new Google Calendar integration
It’s safe to say that Google Calendar is an app that most people swear by. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Jotform users can now integrate their forms with a Google Calendar to create calendar events when forms are submitted, add multiple events with the same submission data, and more. Try it today!
Sync with Google Calendar
Our Mailchimp integration has been overhauled
Our Mailchimp integration has been overhauled
Mailchimp has changed and so has our integration. You can now use it for more than just email marketing — it can manage ad campaigns, publish landing pages, and send direct mail postcards to your customers and clients. Check it out for yourself!
Check it out!
3 blogs to level up your productivity
5 best productivity blogs for 2019
At Jotform, we’re all about helping our users become their most productive selves. This month, we have a roundup of blogs written by a few seasoned Jotform employees who pride themselves on getting things done.
1. Life audit: Identifying your current level in life and career
2. The simple secrets of setting goals and actually sticking to them
3. Why crafting your reading list is so important
Skate Like a Girl: How forms support a positive tool for change
Skate Like a Girl: How forms support a positive tool for change
Changing social norms calls for the right ideas, people, and tools. Skate Like a Girl is a nonprofit summer camp that embodies change in everything they do — even in the way they collect information. Check out how they use Jotform to handle registration for thousands of campers, collect enrollment fees, gather medical information, vet volunteer applications, and more.
Learn more
How we got a million new signups in 2018
The complete summer camp registration solution
Getting a million new signups last year wasn’t an easy feat. Our CEO, Aytekin, breaks down our strategy into two parts — acquisition and retention. He also speaks to the importance of being open, transparent, and even a little vulnerable with your customers.
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Under pressure: How to stick to project deadlines
Online forms will make you love hosting the holidays
It goes without saying that blowing deadlines can have consequences, whether it’s losing your self-confidence, eroding a manager’s trust, or costing your company money. We’ve compiled a list of tips that can help you manage your time, take control of your schedule, and get work done without pulling out your hair.
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Form hacks that’ll make your workflow that much easier
Form hacks that’ll make your workflow that much easier
With Jotform you can do so much more than collect basic information — there are a multitude of form hacks that you can take advantage of and integrate into your workflow to make life a whole lot easier. Check ’em out below.
1. Use our form calculation widget to perform tedious calculations
2. Change the allowed file types in the upload field
3. Add a captcha to ensure real humans are filling out your forms
Get to know Jotform with 3 fun facts
Get to know Jotform with 3 fun facts
With more than 4.4 million users worldwide, a vast product offering, and features added every month, Jotform is the online form builder of choice for global organizations. However, there are probably a few things you don’t know about our company.
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