Construction App Templates

20 Templates

The last thing you need when collecting data on your construction site is a bunch of messy paperwork — so upgrade from paper forms to online forms with Jotform’s free Construction App Templates! Choose an app below and customize it to start collecting information for your construction company on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can add your logo, update forms, choose a custom background image or app icon, and make other changes in seconds with our drag-and-drop builder. Then share your custom Construction App with a link, download it onto any device, and save time collecting data.

Home Maintenance App

A home maintenance app is used by construction companies and contractors to collect handyman service requests from customers. With this free Home Maintenance App from Jotform, customers can fill out a Handyman Service Request Form with their availability and general contact information, as well as the type of work they need performed. Customer requests are compiled and stored in your online account for ease of access, and can be sorted, filtered, and searched from any device.Make this app your own with Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder. You can add or swap out form elements, choose fonts and colors, upload your logo, customize the splash page with your business address and phone number, and more — no coding necessary. Once you’re satisfied with the look and feel of your app, you can embed it in your website or share it with a link so customers can download it on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Make scheduling handyman service requests simple and easy with this Home Maintenance App.

Scheduling Apps

Job Bidding App

A job bidding app is used by handyman businesses to have their customers request job quotes and services. With this free Job Bidding App, customers can fill out general contact information, describe the work they need done, and upload any relevant photos. Once submitted, a PDF of the customer’s job request is auto-generated with this Handyman Proposal Template. Customers can then use the request service form to schedule a project.This Job Bidding App can be fully customized to match the branding of your business. No coding required — just use our drag-and-drop form builder to add or change forms, upload your logo, choose colors, customize your splash screen, and more. You can then have your customers access and download your app on any smartphone, tablet, or computer with a shareable link. Start receiving job quotes and service requests from your very own app with this Job Bidding App from Jotform!


Construction Estimate App

A construction estimate app allows you to calculate the estimated cost of construction projects from any device. Make construction estimates from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop with Jotform’s free Construction Estimate App. This ready-to-use template is easy to customize for your construction business, so you can use your favorite device to collect project requests and calculate costs through a fully-custom mobile app. All entries are stored in your secure Jotform account, where you can view them in a table or turn them into PDFs.In just a few clicks, you can make this Construction Estimate App your own. Simply drag and drop to add forms, documents, links, buttons, and much more. You can also change the app name, icon, and splash screen for a more personalized design. When it’s ready to use, you can download your app onto any device, or share it with others by copying and pasting the app link on your website or sending it via message. Make construction estimates easy anytime, anywhere with a Construction Estimate App for your company.

Estimation Apps

Construction Change Order App

A change order is an amendment to a construction contract that modifies the original project plans, such as adding work, altering the design, or updating the schedule. Keep track of change orders for your construction company with our free Construction Change Order App! This ready-to-use app keeps all your construction forms in one place, so you can receive new work orders, change order requests, and reports with ease. You can even use the attached Change Request Approval Process Template to streamline your approval flow for requests. Need to modify this Construction Change Order App? No coding or heavy lifting required — our drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to customize this app template for your construction company. You can easily build new forms, embed links, update text, upload images, and even change the app name, icon, and splash page. When it’s ready to be used, share your app with teammates by sending them the link to open and download onto their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Stay on top of change orders by receiving them instantly with a custom Construction Change Order App!


Field Service App

A field service app makes it easier for technicians and other employees who work offsite to submit reports while in the field. Instead of using paper forms or waiting until you’re back at your office computer to submit reports, use this free Field Service App powered by Jotform to work anywhere, anytime. This customizable app template includes forms for submitting daily reports, logging new tasks, and tracking completed tasks. All submissions are instantly synced to your secure Jotform account. Need to modify this Field Service App to meet your needs? Just use our drag-and-drop builder to add forms, links, documents, buttons, pages, text, images, videos, tables, data grids, and much more. When it’s ready to use, download your app onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer for easy access. You can also share it with others via the app link or email invites. Get work done wherever you are with a custom, easy-to-use Field Service App.


Snagging App

A snag list is a list of items that must be completed to finish a building project. Get organized with our free Snagging App! This prebuilt template bundles together multiple form and table templates, so you can easily access and share your snag list, Closeout Checklist, and Project Closeout Checklist in one place. The app can be used from any device, so you can submit and access entries while on the go. Customize this Snagging App to better meet your needs. Our drag-and-drop interface is easy to use, so you won’t have to do any coding to build and add forms, embed links to other pages, and change the app design to match your branding. Once it’s ready to use, You and your construction team can download and use the app from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Get building projects completed on time and more efficiently with a fully-custom Snagging App for your construction company or contractor services!


Construction Daily Log App

A construction daily log app is used by construction companies to log their daily progress on construction sites. With Jotform’s free Construction Daily Log App, your company’s employees can complete daily work logs directly from their smartphone or tablet. Just customize the app template, share it with your employees to download onto any device, and view responses in your secure Jotform account.Update the app template to include your branding, add more forms, and make other design changes using our drag-and-drop app builder. No coding knowledge required! Once your app is fully customized to match your needs, share it with a link or invite company members to download it via email so they can readily access it from their mobile device. Save time and paper by completing work logs online with this free Construction Daily Log App.

Log Apps

Equipment Rental App

An Equipment Rental App is used by companies that need to keep track of loaned out equipment. This app template allows customers to enter general contact and payment information, log start and end dates, and specify which equipment they’re taking out and why. There are also two digital signature boxes to be signed by both parties before submitting the agreement form. Once submitted, an Equipment Rental Agreement PDF is automatically generated. Rental agreements are stored securely in an easy-to-read spreadsheet in your online account.Personalizing this Equipment Rental App is easy. Using our drag-and-drop interface, you can add or change forms, choose fonts and colors, upload your company logo, update the app name, text and splash page, and more — all with zero coding. After you’re done customizing, your app can be shared via link and then accessed and downloaded on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Make equipment rental a breeze with this customizable Equipment Rental App!


Building Survey App

A building survey app is used by site inspectors or construction managers to complete building inspections from their mobile device. Whether you’re surveying commercial or residential buildings, get rid of messy paper forms and complete your inspection checklists in the field from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Submissions are stored securely in your Jotform account, which you can view instantly or automatically convert into PDF documents.Update this app template design by dragging and dropping elements — no coding knowledge required! Add or remove forms, upload your logo, change fonts and colors, update the background image, or choose a new app icon in seconds. Once your custom Building Survey App perfectly matches your needs, download it onto your own device or share it with employees via link or email.


Safety Audit App

A safety audit app is used by safety auditors to perform safety inspections from their mobile devices. Have members of your inspection team perform audits without any messy paperwork using this free Safety Audit App. The app can be downloaded onto any computer, tablet, or smartphone to gather important data in the field — such as checks for fire prevention, equipment, first aid, and more.Customize this app template’s design without coding using our drag-and-drop app builder. Update items on your inspection checklist, include your company logo, change the app icon or background, and make other changes in seconds. You can then share the app via link or email to be downloaded onto iOS or Android devices. Save time and paper performing safety checks with a free Safety Audit App from Jotform.

Inspection Apps

Electrical Work Order App

An electrical work order app is used by electricians for submitting service work orders, keeping track of equipment, and ordering new materials. Jotform’s Electrical Work Order App comes bundled with two useful forms: an Electrical Service Work Order Form to be filled out in detail before beginning a new job, and an Electrical Material Order Form to be filled out when an employee requires new work materials. Submission data from both forms is instantly synced and stored in your Jotform account, so everything is securely organized in one central location.Make this app template your own with just a few clicks. No coding necessary — just use Jotform’s drag-and-drop interface to add or swap out form elements, edit text fields and checklist items, install widgets, upload your own branding, and much more. After you’re done, employees can download your app onto their favorite device by opening an email invite or accessing the app link through a browser. Mobile users can also add your app to their home screen for future use with just the tap of a button. Make filling out and submitting work orders and material requests a snap with this free and fully customizable Electrical Work Order App from Jotform.

Management Apps

Carpentry Design App

Start taking carpentry design service orders with this readymade app template from Jotform. Our Carpentry Design App makes it easy for customers to request carpentry services by filling out a form with basic contract information and a description of their request. Customers can also upload example images to give you a better understanding of what they’re looking for. Once a submission is received, you can respond with a cost estimate based on the amount of time and materials needed to complete the job. There is also a separate feedback form where customers can leave reviews.Customizing this app template to suit your carpentry company’s needs is easy with Jotform’s no-code app builder. Simply drag and drop to add form elements, create additional pages, upload your own branding, change the app icon and splash screen, and more. Share your custom app by putting a link in your website or social media, and customers can then access and download it on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Empower your carpentry business and start taking orders right away with this ready-to-use Carpentry Design App from Jotform.

Estimation Apps

Contract App

A contract app is used by contractors to manage contract status, contract content, and approval status. Contractors can download this ready-made Contract App on any device and record details such as customer contact information, job request description and status, cost estimate, and more. This app template comes bundled with a Contract Approval Form as well as an easy-to-read Contractor Estimate Table for keeping track of contract details in one secure location.Want to make changes to this app template? No problem — just use Jotform’s drag-and-drop app builder to add form elements, edit text fields and checklist items, choose fonts and colors, upload your brand’s unique logo, install widgets and templates, and much more. Once you’re finished, share your custom app with employees by sending email invites or the app link, and they can begin filing contracts right away. Create a mobile-friendly Contract App for documenting and fulfilling job requests with this free app template from Jotform.

Management Apps

Briefing App

A briefing app is used by worksite safety managers and employees for taking attendance and reviewing safety procedures prior to beginning work. Our readymade Briefing App bundles several forms, including an attendance tracking sheet, and safety guidelines and checklists for tools and equipment, PPE, and hazardous materials and conditions. Employees can also fill out and digitally sign a COVID-19 liability waiver and report worksite accidents directly from the app. Attendance and form submissions are instantly synced and stored in your secure Jotform account, so you can keep everything organized in one convenient location.Make this app template your own in just a few clicks with Jotform’s no-code app builder. Simply drag and drop to add form elements, edit existing forms, attach documents, upload your own branding, and more. You can even use the main page of your app to post work schedules, make announcements, and link to external resources. After you’re done, share your app with employees via email or the app link, and they can download and use it on their preferred devices directly from the jobsite. Build an app to keep everyone safe and accounted for with Jotform’s fully-customizable Briefing App.


Environmental Inspection App

An environmental inspection app is used by government agencies and other environmental organizations to conduct inspections from their mobile devices. With Jotform’s free Environmental Inspection App, your agency can switch from paper forms to online forms to reduce messy paperwork and create a secure database of all your inspection information. Just customize and share the app to download it onto any device — no coding required!Customize the app design with our drag-and-drop no-code builder. Choose a new app icon and splash screen, add or remove forms, include your unique logo, and make other changes in seconds. You can then send your personalized Environmental Inspection App to your teammates with a copy-paste link that they can use to download the app onto their iOS or Android device.

Inspection Apps

Building Inspection App

A building inspection app allows building inspectors to complete their work using any device. Conduct inspections from any smartphone, tablet, or computer with Jotform’s free Building Inspection App. This readymade template comes with a building inspection checklist and task log, but with our drag-and-drop builder you can add whatever else you need to make the app your own. All entries will be stored in your secure Jotform account and ready to view at any time.Customize your Building Inspection App without any coding. Just drag and drop to add more forms, checklists, documents, links, and even your branding. When you’re done, download it onto your favorite device or share it with other building inspectors via link or email invite. With a fully-custom Building Inspection App, you’ll be able to efficiently conduct building inspections and write reports no matter where you are!

Inspection Apps

Hvac Invoice App

An HVAC installation app is used by HVAC companies to create and document installation and maintenance contract details for customers. With this HVAC Invoice App, inspectors can fill out an HVAC Maintenance Agreement or HVAC Installation Contract before performing any necessary services. There are separate checklists to document installation and maintenance work, as well as an equipment survey to log equipment conditions. Invoices are instantly stored in your secure Jotform account, where you can sort, filter, and search your archive with just a few clicks.Want to make changes to this app template? Jotform’s intuitive app builder allows anyone to customize any aspect of their app without any coding knowledge. Simply drag and drop to add form elements, edit text fields and checklist items, create additional pages, upload your own branding and app icon, and much more. Share your app with inspectors by sending email invites or generating unique QR codes to hang in the office. Inspectors can download your mobile-ready app onto any device and easily complete invoices on-site. Say goodbye to messy paperwork with this free all-in-one HVAC Invoice App from Jotform


Fence Measuring App

A fence measuring app is used by carpenters and builders to create fencing request estimates for customers. Builders can download this Fence Measuring App on any device and document customer contact information, fence style and type, color, length, height, and the number of gates. Submissions are instantly stored in your secure Jotform account. Managers can also assign specific tasks and projects to employees with an included Task Log, which can be managed through an easy-to-understand Task Tracker spreadsheet.Customize this free app template to your liking with Jotform’s intuitive app builder. No coding knowledge needed — simply drag and drop to add form elements, create additional pages, edit text fields and checklist items, upload your own unique logo, and much more. Embed your custom app in an internal website or share it with employees via email. Go paperless and start taking on-site fence estimates with this Fence Measuring App from Jotform.


Chimney Inspection App

A chimney inspection app is used by chimney sweep companies when inspecting chimneys and fireplaces. Inspectors can download this free app template on any device and log inspection date, customer contact information, and fill out chimney and fireplace condition report checklists. Once an inspection is complete, customers and inspectors can sign at the bottom of the report form using an e-signature. Reports are stored in your secure Jotform account for easy access.You don’t need any coding knowledge to make changes to this Chimney Inspection App. With Jotform’s drag-and-drop app builder, you can add form elements, edit text fields and checklist items, choose fonts and colors, upload your company’s branding, and more. Share your custom app by sending email invites or the app link, where employees can then download it on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Streamline your chimney and fireplace inspection process with this readymade Chimney Inspection App.

Inspection Apps

Crane Inspection App

Make crane inspections easier for your company by creating your own Crane Inspection App with Jotform. With this app, your inspectors can report incidents or violations in an instant — effectively streamlining your construction company’s practices and making repairs easier to schedule. Include payment forms for your inspectors to invoice from and scheduling forms for easy repairs and consultations.This ready-made Crane Inspection App can be used as is, or you can drag and drop to add your own personal flair. Use our intuitive online app builder to upload images and videos, integrate with handy scheduling and payment widgets, include personal branding assets, and more. Make crane inspections easier than ever before with Jotform Apps.

Inspection Apps