Still using a printer in 2018? Here’s How JotForm Can Help Your Office Go Green

JotForm is pretty much a paperless office. As you may expect, we use our own product to streamline many of our workflows and data collection. But sometimes we are taken by surprise when we run into external entities that use paperwork, they may request us to print out a document, sign it with a pen, and fax it back. It’s the weirdest thing- whenever I actually need to print something, the printer is out of ink, or there’s some other issue. Does this happen to anyone else?! But I digress…

Earth Day is coming up. And, it’s 2018. We all have the same goal of reducing paperwork and aggravation. If your company is still using a printer for these workflows that I’m about to delve into, then you may want to consider moving it online in the form of a digital form. Make information easier, more accessible, and better for the earth.

Do you still use paper for any kind of information collection at your office? What do you use it for?

This article is originally published on Apr 06, 2018, and updated on Feb 24, 2020
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